Top 10 Software Development Companies in USA

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Here you can find the List of Top 10 Software Development Companies in USA United States which are sorted out based on the Total Revenue (Sales). Microsoft Corporation is the Largest software Companies in USA with a revenue of $ 1,68,088 Million followed by Oracle Corp, Saleforce, DiDi Global, Adobe Inc.

List of Top 10 Software Development Companies in USA

So here is the List of Top 10 Software Development Companies in USA which are sorted out based on the Total Sales (Revenue).

S.NoSoftware CompanyTotal Sales
1Microsoft Corporation$ 1,68,088 Million
2Oracle Corporation$ 40,479 Million Inc$ 21,252 Million
4DiDi Global Inc.$ 20,535 Million
5Adobe Inc.$ 15,785 Million
6Uber Technologies, Inc.$ 11,139 Million
7NetEase, Inc.$ 10,673 Million
8Intuit Inc.$ 9,633 Million
9Roper Technologies, Inc.$ 5,527 Million
10Covetrus, Inc.$ 4,339 Million
Top 10 Software Development Companies in USA

List of Top Software Development Company in USA United States

So Here is the Full List of Top Software Development Company in USA United States which are sorted by the Total Revenue.

S.NoSoftware CompanyTotal SalesNumber of EmployeesReturn on Equity 
1Microsoft Corporation$ 1,68,088 Million18100049.3
2Oracle Corporation$ 40,479 Million132000351.0 Inc$ 21,252 Million566063.6
4DiDi Global Inc.$ 20,535 Million15914
5Adobe Inc.$ 15,785 Million34.4
6Uber Technologies, Inc.$ 11,139 Million22800-20.6
7NetEase, Inc.$ 10,673 Million2823914.7
8Intuit Inc.$ 9,633 Million1350027.9
9Roper Technologies, Inc.$ 5,527 Million1840010.1
10Covetrus, Inc.$ 4,339 Million5657-3.7
11Synopsys, Inc.$ 4,200 Million1636114.8
12Autodesk, Inc.$ 3,791 Million11500195.6
13Compass, Inc.$ 3,721 Million2702
14Citrix Systems, Inc.$ 3,237 Million9000135.2
15Change Healthcare Inc.$ 3,090 Million15000-1.6
16Shopify Inc.$ 2,929 Million700038.9
17McAfee Corp.$ 2,906 Million6916
18Cadence Design Systems, Inc.$ 2,683 Million880027.6
19Zoom Video Communications, Inc.$ 2,651 Million442234.6
20NortonLifeLock Inc.$ 2,551 Million2800
21ManTech International Corporation$ 2,518 Million94008.7
22Playtika Holding Corp.$ 2,372 Million3800
23Lyft, Inc.$ 2,365 Million4675-69.3
24Atlassian Corporation Plc$ 2,089 Million6433-325.1
25Teradata Corporation$ 1,836 Million754328.3
26PTC Inc.$ 1,807 Million670927.4
27Twilio Inc.$ 1,762 Million2093-9.9
28Bilibili Inc.$ 1,738 Million8646-35.3
29Dun & Bradstreet Holdings, Inc.$ 1,738 Million4039-1.5
30Corsair Gaming, Inc.$ 1,702 Million241125.8
31ANSYS, Inc.$ 1,681 Million480011.8
32HUYA Inc.$ 1,581 Million207511.4
33ePlus inc.$ 1,554 Million156016.2
34Veeva Systems Inc.$ 1,465 Million450617.8
35DocuSign, Inc.$ 1,453 Million5630-33.6
36Applovin Corporation$ 1,451 Million902
37Nutanix, Inc.$ 1,394 Million6080
38DouYu International Holdings Limited$ 1,391 Million1877-7.7
39Nuance Communications, Inc.$ 1,362 Million6900-1.2
40Sabre Corporation$ 1,334 Million7531-785.5
41Informatica Inc.$ 1,323 Million
42Fair Isaac Corporation$ 1,317 Million3662356.2
43ACI Worldwide, Inc.$ 1,294 Million37687.4
44National Instruments Corporation$ 1,282 Million70004.4
45Dolby Laboratories$ 1,281 Million236812.3
46Coinbase Global, Inc.$ 1,277 Million1249
47Black Knight, Inc.$ 1,239 Million57008.0
48RingCentral, Inc.$ 1,184 Million3140-150.6
49Palantir Technologies Inc.$ 1,093 Million2439-29.3
50SolarWinds Corporation$ 1,019 Million33404.5
51Envestnet, Inc$ 998 Million42502.7
52Robinhood Markets, Inc.$ 959 Million
53Roblox Corporation$ 924 Million-243.4
54Blackbaud, Inc.$ 913 Million3100-0.2
55Donnelley Financial Solutions, Inc.$ 895 Million235026.5
56CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc.$ 874 Million3394-24.0
57Ribbon Communications Inc.$ 844 Million37847.3
58Ceridian HCM Holding Inc.$ 843 Million5974-3.9
59Paycom Software, Inc.$ 841 Million421823.5
60Okta, Inc.$ 835 Million2806-20.5
61Bentley Systems, Incorporated$ 802 Million54.1
622U, Inc.$ 775 Million3772-18.0
63Unity Software Inc.$ 772 Million4001-22.6
64Loyalty Ventures Inc.$ 765 Million1478
65Qualtrics International Inc.$ 764 Million3455
66Commvault Systems, Inc.$ 723 Million26716.6
67Aspen Technology, Inc.$ 709 Million189754.4
68Dynatrace, Inc.$ 704 Million27797.3
69Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc.$ 678 Million19.3
70Zscaler, Inc.$ 673 Million3153-58.3
71InnovAge Holding Corp.$ 638 Million1800-20.2
72Paylocity Holding Corporation$ 636 Million415020.9
73Ebix, Inc.$ 626 Million980211.8
74Elastic N.V.$ 608 Million2179-36.5
75UiPath, Inc.$ 608 Million
76Datadog, Inc.$ 603 Million1085-4.7
77Snowflake Inc.$ 592 Million2495-15.0
78MongoDB, Inc.$ 590 Million2539-87.1
79Manhattan Associates, Inc.$ 586 Million340051.8
80SciPlay Corporation$ 582 Million60225.4
81Bumble Inc.$ 582 Million
82SecureWorks Corp.$ 561 Million2696-6.1
83Coupa Software Incorporated$ 542 Million2615-51.2
848×8 Inc$ 532 Million1696-104.9
85GreenSky, Inc.$ 527 Million1164559.8
86Datto Holding Corp.$ 519 Million17432.7
87Mimecast Limited$ 501 Million176511.7
88Avalara, Inc.$ 501 Million3351-9.6
89Alteryx, Inc.$ 495 Million1450-28.4
90OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd.$ 480 Million3597-25.8
91Bottomline Technologies, Inc.$ 471 Million2344-5.0
92Altair Engineering Inc.$ 470 Million2700-1.1
93CyberArk Software Ltd.$ 464 Million1689-7.9
94Anaplan, Inc.$ 448 Million1900-68.5
95Cognyte Software Ltd.$ 443 Million2021
96Progress Software Corporation$ 442 Million179621.2
97CooTek (Cayman) Inc.$ 442 Million759-735.7
98Tenable Holdings, Inc.$ 440 Million1367-22.8
99PowerSchool Holdings, Inc.$ 435 Million2605
100Udemy, Inc.$ 430 Million
101Priority Technology Holdings, Inc.$ 404 Million479-145.6
102PARTS iD, Inc.$ 401 Million108
103Procore Technologies, Inc.$ 400 Million1920
104Casa Systems, Inc.$ 393 Million99337.0
105Cerence Inc.$ 387 Million17004.7
106Sprinklr, Inc.$ 387 Million
107Smartsheet Inc.$ 386 Million1915-28.2
108Sapiens International Corporation N.V.$ 383 Million343813.0
109Vertex, Inc.$ 375 Million1200-0.3
110Upwork Inc.$ 374 Million540-12.0
111Zeta Global Holdings Corp.$ 368 Million1304
112SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc.$ 365 Million1394-13.3
113Qualys, Inc.$ 362 Million149818.2
114Avid Technology, Inc.$ 360 Million1362
115DoubleDown Interactive Co., Ltd. – American Depository Shares$ 358 Million28110.0
116Paycor HCM, Inc.$ 353 Million290-10.6
117BlackLine, Inc.$ 352 Million1325-25.1
118Bandwidth Inc.$ 343 Million216-10.5
119EverCommerce Inc.$ 338 Million1750
120ironSource Ltd.$ 332 Million
121E2open Parent Holdings, Inc.$ 330 Million2436
122Digital Turbine, Inc.$ 314 Million28018.2
123SPS Commerce, Inc.$ 313 Million157210.5
124Zuora, Inc.$ 305 Million1190-47.7
125Appian Corporation$ 305 Million1460-25.0
126N-able, Inc.$ 303 Million1177
127Instructure Holdings, Inc.$ 302 Million1275
128Cango Inc.$ 297 Million300920.7
129StoneCo Ltd.$ 297 Million7239-2.0
130Convey Health Solutions Holdings, Inc.$ 283 Million
131Everbridge, Inc.$ 271 Million1344-33.8
132Jamf Holding Corp.$ 269 Million1496-7.5
133Benefitfocus, Inc.$ 268 Million1200-275.0
134Duck Creek Technologies, Inc.$ 260 Million1782-2.3
135Samsara Inc.$ 250 Million1249
136Freshworks Inc.$ 250 Million3585
137NerdWallet, Inc.$ 245 Million586
138HealthStream, Inc.$ 245 Million10692.1
139DoubleVerify Holdings, Inc.$ 244 Million6471.7
140Ping Identity Holding Corp.$ 244 Million1022-5.7
141Certara, Inc.$ 244 Million300
142Integral Ad Science Holding Corp.$ 241 Million Holdings, Inc.$ 238 Million1384-6.7
144Confluent, Inc.$ 237 Million
145Clear Secure, Inc.$ 231 Million
146Asana, Inc.$ 227 Million1080-188.8
147Cheetah Mobile Inc.$ 225 Million10442.6
148i3 Verticals, Inc.$ 224 Million1438-3.3
149LIZHI INC.$ 218 Million658-70.1
150Intapp, Inc.$ 215 Million749
151PagerDuty, Inc.$ 214 Million783-31.1
152HashiCorp, Inc.$ 212 Million
153Domo, Inc.$ 210 Million756
154nCino, Inc.$ 204 Million1115-12.9
155Clearwater Analytics Holdings, Inc.$ 203 Million
156Sumo Logic, Inc.$ 203 Million759-25.4
157Inspired Entertainment, Inc.$ 200 Million1500
158Materialise NV$ 194 Million21623.6
159Vasta Platform Limited$ 193 Million1960-2.6
160Health Catalyst, Inc$ 189 Million1000-34.7
161FTC Solar, Inc.$ 187 Million178
162AvidXchange Holdings, Inc.$ 186 Million
163Aterian, Inc.$ 186 Million151-222.5, Inc.$ 183 Million-21.8
165Tuya Inc.$ 180 Million
166Fathom Holdings Inc.$ 177 Million38-25.4
167Opera Limited$ 166 Million5775.7
168Viant Technology Inc.$ 165 Million289-2.8
169Duolingo, Inc.$ 162 Million Ltd.$ 161 Million
171ON24, Inc.$ 157 Million547-8.0
172BigCommerce Holdings, Inc. – Series 1$ 152 Million813-35.4
173GitLab Inc.$ 152 Million
174JFrog Ltd.$ 151 Million700-7.6
175BlueCity Holdings Limited$ 149 Million755-33.7
176Phreesia, Inc.$ 149 Million827-21.9
177WalkMe Ltd.$ 148 Million
178Castlight Health, Inc.$ 147 Million440-6.9
179EngageSmart, Inc.$ 147 Million
180ChannelAdvisor Corporation$ 145 Million72514.5
181LAIX Inc.$ 141 Million1684
182Karooooo Ltd.$ 139 Million312219.7
183Thorne Healthtech, Inc.$ 138 Million
184Agilysys, Inc.$ 137 Million1350-19.8
185Agora, Inc.$ 134 Million842-7.5
186Sprout Social, Inc$ 133 Million598-16.2
187Flywire Corporation – Voting$ 132 Million
188Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc.$ 131 Million3079-6.4
189ForgeRock, Inc.$ 128 Million
190SEMrush Holdings, Inc.$ 125 Million308
191Ion Geophysical Corporation$ 123 Million428
192Kaltura, Inc.$ 120 Million584
193Definitive Healthcare Corp.$ 118 Million-16.5
194Alkami Technology, Inc.$ 112 Million
195American Software, Inc.$ 111 Million4249.4
196Cloopen Group Holding Limited$ 111 Million1194-44.3
197WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.$ 111 Million202-14.5
198Open Lending Corporation$ 109 Million104164.9
199Schrodinger, Inc.$ 108 Million452-13.4
200Eventbrite, Inc.$ 106 Million611-57.9
201DLocal Limited$ 104 Million31081.2
202Couchbase, Inc.$ 103 Million
203Amplitude, Inc.$ 102 Million
204UserTesting, Inc.$ 102 Million
205Tufin Software Technologies Ltd.$ 101 Million533-57.2
206Olo Inc.$ 98 Million
207Similarweb Ltd.$ 93 Million
208SentinelOne, Inc.$ 93 Million850
209Golden Nugget Online Gaming, Inc.$ 91 Million178
210Expensify, Inc.$ 88 Million133
211Zenvia Inc.$ 83 Million470
212Weave Communications, Inc.$ 80 Million
213Enfusion, Inc.$ 80 Million
214CS Disco, Inc.$ 68 Million
215RealNetworks, Inc.$ 68 Million325-31.6
216Asure Software Inc$ 66 Million4821.1
217Berkeley Lights, Inc.$ 64 Million230-28.1
218SOC Telemed, Inc.$ 58 Million226-29.8
219Veritone, Inc.$ 58 Million308-94.5
220OMNIQ Corp.$ 55 Million61
221Pintec Technology Holdings Limited$ 55 Million157-944.0
222SurgePays, Inc.$ 54 Million31
223Smith Micro Software, Inc.$ 51 Million255-32.8
List of Top Software Development Companies in USA

So finally these are the list of Top Software Development Companies in USA United States. These list include

  • custom software development companies in usa
  • healthcare software development companies in usa
  • software product development companies in usa
  • app development companies in usa
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