Top European automobile company List (Car Truck etc)

Here you can find the list of Top European automobile company List (Car Truck etc) which are sorted out based on the total Sales. Top 3 Companies in from the Country Germany.

VOLKSWAGEN AG is the largest European Car Company (Biggest Automobile company in Europe) with a Revenue of $ 273 Billion followed by DAIMLER AG with Revenue $ 189 Billion, BAY.MOTOREN with Revenue $ 121 Billion.

List of Top European automobile company ( Car Companies in Europe).

So here is the list of Top European automobile company ( Car Companies in Europe) which are sorted out based on the total Revenue (Sales).

S.NOEuropean automobile companyTotal Revenue CountryDebt to EquityEmployeesReturn on Equity Operating MarginEBITDA Stock Symbol
1VOLKSWAGEN AG$ 273 BillionGermany1.766257515.4%8.7%$ 56,602 MillionVOW
2DAIMLER AG $ 189 BillionGermany1.728848120.3%9.4%$ 26,568 MillionDAI
3BAY.MOTOREN WERKE AG $ 121 BillionGermany1.412072618.0%11.0%$ 21,661 MillionBMW
4STELLANTIS$ 106 BillionNetherlands0.71895120.1%STLA
5RENAULT$ 53 BillionFrance2.3-1.4%3.1%$ 6,632 MillionRNO
6VOLVO CAR AB SER. B$ 32 BillionSweden0.526.9%7.1%$ 4,104 MillionVOLCAR_B
7TRATON SE INH O.N.$ 28 BillionGermany1.4826005.4%5.6%$ 4,970 Million8TRA
8IVECO GROUP$ 13 BillionItaly2.2-16.5%4.4%$ 1,327 MillionIVG
9FORD OTOSAN$ 7 BillionTurkey1.51251796.4%9.6%$ 831 MillionFROTO
10FERRARI$ 4 BillionItaly1.3455649.2%25.7%$ 1,755 MillionRACE
11TRIGANO$ 3 BillionFrance0.21002120.5%12.2%$ 469 MillionTRI
12TOFAS OTO. FAB.$ 3 BillionTurkey1.5694363.2%10.8%$ 471 MillionTOASO
13PIAGGIO$ 2 BillionItaly1.5585613.8%6.5%$ 265 MillionPIA
14SOLLERS AUTO$ 892 MillionRussian Federation0.6-4.0%-14.1%-$ 107 MillionSVAV
15ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA GLOBAL HOLDINGS PLC ORD GBP0.10$ 836 MillionUnited Kingdom1.72342-39.5%-12.0%$ 96 MillionAML
16EDAG ENGINEERING G.SF-,04$ 800 MillionSwitzerland2.679842.6%3.8%$ 79 MillionED4
17TOYOTA CAETANO$ 438 MillionPortugal0.315035.2%-0.2%$ 21 MillionSCT
18OTOKAR$ 391 MillionTurkey1.7225889.7%18.5%$ 91 MillionOTKAR
19ANADOLU ISUZU$ 167 MillionTurkey1.184715.8%9.7%$ 27 MillionASUZU
20HWA AG INH.O.N.$ 80 MillionGermany1.9-41.5%-53.9%H9W
21PININFARINA SPA$ 80 MillionItaly0.7639-48.2%-8.5%-$ 3 MillionPINF
22LIKHACHOV PLANT PJ$ 22 MillionRussian Federation0.5273.0%ZILL
23NILSSON SPECIAL VEHICLES AB$ 21 MillionSweden0.1-69.9%-10.3%-$ 1 MillionNILS
24HOVDING SVERIGE AB$ 19 MillionSweden0.0-55.0%-11.0%-$ 1 MillionHOVD
25ASKOLL EVA$ 12 MillionItaly2.6-72.3%-22.2%-$ 4 MillionEVA
26ENERGICA MOTOR COMPANY$ 7 MillionItaly0.3-122.8%-85.5%-$ 6 MillionEMC
27HYBRICON$ 2 MillionSweden0.0-69.4%-131.9%-$ 1 MillionHYCO
28INZILE AB$ 1 MillionSweden0.057-182.3%-1348.0%-$ 11 MillionINZILE
29CLEAN MOTION ABLess than 1MSweden45.4%-181.2%$ 0 MillionCLEMO
30ELLWEE ABLess than 1MSweden0.8-239.0%-275.0%-$ 3 MillionELLWEE
Top European automobile company List (Car Truck etc)
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