Top European automobile company List (Car Truck etc)

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Here you can find the list of Top European automobile company List (Car Truck etc) which are sorted out based on the total Sales. Top 3 Companies in from the Country Germany.

VOLKSWAGEN AG is the largest European Car Company (Biggest Automobile company in Europe) with a Revenue of $ 273 Billion followed by DAIMLER AG with Revenue $ 189 Billion, BAY.MOTOREN with Revenue $ 121 Billion.

List of Top European automobile company ( Car Companies in Europe).

So here is the list of Top European automobile company ( Car Companies in Europe) which are sorted out based on the total Revenue (Sales).

S.NOEuropean automobile companyTotal Revenue CountryDebt to EquityEmployeesReturn on Equity Operating MarginEBITDA Stock Symbol
1VOLKSWAGEN AG$ 273 BillionGermany1.766257515.4%8.7%$ 56,602 MillionVOW
2DAIMLER AG $ 189 BillionGermany1.728848120.3%9.4%$ 26,568 MillionDAI
3BAY.MOTOREN WERKE AG $ 121 BillionGermany1.412072618.0%11.0%$ 21,661 MillionBMW
4STELLANTIS$ 106 BillionNetherlands0.71895120.1%STLA
5RENAULT$ 53 BillionFrance2.3-1.4%3.1%$ 6,632 MillionRNO
6VOLVO CAR AB SER. B$ 32 BillionSweden0.526.9%7.1%$ 4,104 MillionVOLCAR_B
7TRATON SE INH O.N.$ 28 BillionGermany1.4826005.4%5.6%$ 4,970 Million8TRA
8IVECO GROUP$ 13 BillionItaly2.2-16.5%4.4%$ 1,327 MillionIVG
9FORD OTOSAN$ 7 BillionTurkey1.51251796.4%9.6%$ 831 MillionFROTO
10FERRARI$ 4 BillionItaly1.3455649.2%25.7%$ 1,755 MillionRACE
11TRIGANO$ 3 BillionFrance0.21002120.5%12.2%$ 469 MillionTRI
12TOFAS OTO. FAB.$ 3 BillionTurkey1.5694363.2%10.8%$ 471 MillionTOASO
13PIAGGIO$ 2 BillionItaly1.5585613.8%6.5%$ 265 MillionPIA
14SOLLERS AUTO$ 892 MillionRussian Federation0.6-4.0%-14.1%-$ 107 MillionSVAV
15ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA GLOBAL HOLDINGS PLC ORD GBP0.10$ 836 MillionUnited Kingdom1.72342-39.5%-12.0%$ 96 MillionAML
16EDAG ENGINEERING G.SF-,04$ 800 MillionSwitzerland2.679842.6%3.8%$ 79 MillionED4
17TOYOTA CAETANO$ 438 MillionPortugal0.315035.2%-0.2%$ 21 MillionSCT
18OTOKAR$ 391 MillionTurkey1.7225889.7%18.5%$ 91 MillionOTKAR
19ANADOLU ISUZU$ 167 MillionTurkey1.184715.8%9.7%$ 27 MillionASUZU
20HWA AG INH.O.N.$ 80 MillionGermany1.9-41.5%-53.9%H9W
21PININFARINA SPA$ 80 MillionItaly0.7639-48.2%-8.5%-$ 3 MillionPINF
22LIKHACHOV PLANT PJ$ 22 MillionRussian Federation0.5273.0%ZILL
23NILSSON SPECIAL VEHICLES AB$ 21 MillionSweden0.1-69.9%-10.3%-$ 1 MillionNILS
24HOVDING SVERIGE AB$ 19 MillionSweden0.0-55.0%-11.0%-$ 1 MillionHOVD
25ASKOLL EVA$ 12 MillionItaly2.6-72.3%-22.2%-$ 4 MillionEVA
26ENERGICA MOTOR COMPANY$ 7 MillionItaly0.3-122.8%-85.5%-$ 6 MillionEMC
27HYBRICON$ 2 MillionSweden0.0-69.4%-131.9%-$ 1 MillionHYCO
28INZILE AB$ 1 MillionSweden0.057-182.3%-1348.0%-$ 11 MillionINZILE
29CLEAN MOTION ABLess than 1MSweden45.4%-181.2%$ 0 MillionCLEMO
30ELLWEE ABLess than 1MSweden0.8-239.0%-275.0%-$ 3 MillionELLWEE
Top European automobile company List (Car Truck etc)
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