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Top 4 Japanese car companies | Automobile

Here you can find the list of Top 4 Japanese Car Companies which are sorted out based on the Turnover.

List of Top 4 Japanese Car Companies

So here is the List of Top 4 Japanese Car Companies which are sorted out based on the sales Revenue.

1. Toyota Motor

Toyota Motor is the Largest Automobile company in Japan based on the Revenue. Starting with the hope of contributing to society through manufacturing,
Kiichiro Toyoda established an Automotive Department within Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. in 1933.

Since then, with an ear to the needs of the times, The company have resolutely tackled various issues, transcending imagination and capability to make cars imbued with love around the world. The accumulation of everyone’s hopes and skills has created today’s Toyota. The concept of “making ever-better cars” is the Toyota spirit as it was and always will be.

  • Revenue: JPY 30.55 Trillion
  • Established: 1933

Even before the year 2000, Toyota had produced its first electrified vehicle. Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car, was driven by an electric motor and a gasoline engine. Toyota is one of the biggest car company in the world.

Its core technology actually became the foundation for Toyota’s present battery electrified vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electrified vehicles (PHEVs, rechargeable from an electrical power socket) and fuel cell electrified vehicles (FCEVs) such as MIRAI

2. Honda Motor Co Ltd

Honda delivers to customers in over 150 countries and regions, over 6 million power products annually, spanning its general-purpose engines, and products powered by them, including tillers, generators, snow blowers to lawnmowers, pumps and outboard engines.

Honda manufactures a wide range of motorcycles that provide the convenience and pleasure of riding to customers worldwide. In October 2017, the Super Cub, the world’s most loved, ultra long-selling commuter model, reached an accumulated production of 100 million units.

  • Revenue: JPY 14.65 Trillion

In 2018, Honda released several unique models, including a completely revamped Gold Wing Tour flagship tourer, and a new generation CB series, the CB1000R, CB250R and CB125R. Honda leads the motorcycle market, continuing to pursue even more joy of mobility.

3. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

Nissan Motor co Ltd manufactures and distributes automobiles and related parts. It also provides financing services.

Nissan delivers a comprehensive range of products under various brands. The Company manufactures in Japan, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

  • Revenue: JPY 8.7 Trillion

Nissan is a global car manufacturer that sells a full line of vehicles under the Nissan, INFINITI and Datsun brands.

Nissan’s global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, manages operations in four regions: Japan-ASEAN, China, Americas, and AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania).

4. Suzuki Motor Corporation

Suzuki’s history goes back to 1909, when Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom Works, which is the precursor of the Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company founded on March 15, 1920 in the present-day Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

Since then, Suzuki has expanded its business from looms to motorcycles, automobiles, outboard motors, ATV’s and others, always adapting to the trend of the times.

  • Revenue: JPY 3.6 Trillion

After changing the name to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. in 1954, it launched the Suzulight, the first mass-produced minivehicle in Japan, and many other products which are developed focusing on customers.

The company name was changed to “Suzuki Motor Corporation” in 1990 in view of its business expansion and globalization. The journey of 100 years was never easy. To overcome a number of crises since the foundation, all members of Suzuki united as one and continued to make the company thrive.