Top Norway Companies: 139 Largest List

Last updated on September 13th, 2022 at 12:51 pm

Here you can find the list of Top Norway Companies which are sorted out based on the total sales in the recent year. EQUINOR ASA is the largest Company in Norway with a sales of kr 4,29,735 Million followed by NORSK HYDRO ASA, TELENOR ASA.

List of Top Norway Companies

so here is the list of Top companies in Norway based on the total sales (Revenue).

S.NONorway CompaniesTotal Revenue Sector (Norway)
1EQUINOR ASAkr 4,29,735 MillionIntegrated Oil
2NORSK HYDRO ASAkr 1,37,778 MillionAluminum
3TELENOR ASAkr 1,22,811 MillionMajor Telecommunications
4YARA INTERNATIONAL ASAkr 1,09,112 MillionChemicals: Agricultural
5DNB BANK ASAkr 75,977 MillionMajor Banks
6STOREBRAND ASAkr 69,341 MillionLife/Health Insurance
7ORKLA ASAkr 47,137 MillionFood: Specialty/Candy
8MOWI ASAkr 40,051 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
9ATEA ASAkr 39,503 MillionInformation Technology Services
10VEIDEKKEkr 38,140 MillionEngineering & Construction
11SUBSEA 7 32,631 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
12GJENSIDIGE FORSIKRING ASAkr 30,530 MillionProperty/Casualty Insurance
13AKER SOLUTIONS ASAkr 28,434 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
14AKER BP ASAkr 26,999 MillionOil & Gas Production
15AF GRUPPEN ASAkr 26,944 MillionEngineering & Construction
16KONGSBERG GRUPPEN ASAkr 25,574 MillionAerospace & Defense
17ELKEM ASAkr 24,245 MillionAluminum
18AUSTEVOLL SEAFOOD ASAkr 22,435 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
19WALLENIUS WILHELMSEN ASAkr 21,002 MillionMarine Shipping
20LEROY SEAFOOD GROUPkr 19,944 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy
21CRAYON GROUP HOLDING ASAkr 19,599 MillionInformation Technology Services
22STOLT-NIELSEN LIMITEDkr 18,461 MillionMarine Shipping
23SALMAR ASAkr 12,857 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy
24SCHIBSTED ASAkr 12,809 MillionPublishing: Newspapers
25XXL ASAkr 10,423 MillionSpecialty Stores
26KONGSBERG AUTOMOTIVE ASAkr 10,402 MillionAuto Parts: OEM
27FRONTLINE LTDkr 10,265 MillionMarine Shipping
28TOMRA SYSTEMS ASAkr 9,941 MillionMiscellaneous Manufacturing
29SEADRILL LTDkr 9,865 MillionContract Drilling
30NORSKE SKOG ASAkr 9,173 MillionPulp & Paper
31ODFJELL SEkr 8,840 MillionMarine Shipping
32ODFJELL DRILLING LIMITEDkr 8,752 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
33SPAREBANK 1 SR-BANK ASAkr 8,508 MillionSavings Banks
34BW OFFSHORE LTDkr 8,343 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
35HAFNIA LIMITEDkr 8,228 MillionMarine Shipping
36NORWEGIAN AIR SHUTTLE ASAkr 8,149 MillionAirlines
37EUROPRIS ASAkr 7,929 MillionDepartment Stores
38ARCHER LTDkr 7,757 MillionContract Drilling
39BW LPG LTDkr 7,641 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
40WILH. WILHELMSEN HLDG ASAkr 7,597 MillionMarine Shipping
41WESTERN BULK CHARTERING ASkr 7,330 MillionOther Transportation
42ADEVINTA ASAkr 7,227 MillionAdvertising/Marketing Services
43SPAREBANK 1 SMNkr 7,100 MillionSavings Banks
44HOEGH AUTOLINERS ASAkr 6,935 MillionTrucks/Construction/Farm Machinery
45AKER ASAkr 6,810 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
46P/F BAKKAFROSTkr 6,619 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy
47NRC GROUP ASAkr 6,449 MillionEngineering & Construction
48DOF ASAkr 6,212 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
49SPAREBANKEN VESTkr 5,880 MillionSavings Banks
50RAK PETROLEUM PLCkr 5,788 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
51DNO ASAkr 5,788 MillionOil & Gas Production
52SHELF DRILLING LTDkr 5,509 MillionContract Drilling
53NORWEGIAN ENERGY COMPANY ASAkr 5,328 MillionOil & Gas Production
54BORREGAARD ASAkr 5,227 MillionChemicals: Specialty
55NORWAY ROYAL SALMON ASAkr 5,119 MillionFood Distributors
56BEWI ASAkr 4,964 MillionContainers/Packaging
57PROTECTOR FORSIKRING ASAkr 4,948 MillionMulti-Line Insurance
58SPAREBANK 1 OSTLANDETkr 4,903 MillionSavings Banks
59BONHEUR ASAkr 4,902 MillionOther Transportation
60SOLSTAD OFFSHORE ASAkr 4,844 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
61SPAREBANK 1 NORD-NORGEkr 4,481 MillionSavings Banks
62PGS ASAkr 4,454 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
63AKASTOR ASAkr 4,434 MillionContract Drilling
64GRIEG SEAFOODkr 4,384 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
65FJORDKRAFT HOLDING ASAkr 4,215 MillionElectric Utilities
66MULTICONSULT ASAkr 4,186 MillionEngineering & Construction
67OLAV THON EIENDOMSSELSKAPkr 3,967 MillionReal Estate Development
68KITRON ASAkr 3,962 MillionElectronic Components
69NORDIC SEMICONDUCTORkr 3,815 MillionSemiconductors
70SPAREBANKEN SORkr 3,654 MillionSavings Banks
71ARENDALS FOSSEKAMPANIkr 3,618 MillionElectric Utilities
72LINK MOBILITY GROUP HOLDING ASAkr 3,539 MillionPackaged Software
73MELTWATER 3,387 MillionPackaged Software
74SATS ASAkr 3,336 MillionOther Consumer Services
75POLARIS MEDIA ASAkr 3,233 MillionPublishing: Newspapers
76AKVA GROUP ASAkr 3,159 MillionMetal Fabrication
77B2HOLDING ASAkr 3,092 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services
78HEXAGON COMPOSITES ASAkr 3,071 MillionContainers/Packaging
79TGS ASAkr 3,007 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
80KID ASAkr 2,995 MillionWholesale Distributors
81WILSON ASAkr 2,897 MillionMarine Shipping
82BORR DRILLING LIMITEDkr 2,895 MillionContract Drilling
83SBANKEN ASAkr 2,798 MillionRegional Banks
84SCATEC ASAkr 2,771 MillionAlternative Power Generation
85AKER BIOMARINE ASAkr 2,717 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
86SELVAAG BOLIG ASkr 2,698 MillionHomebuilding
87OKEANIS ECO TANKERS CORPkr 2,663 MillionIndustrial Machinery
88ENTRA ASAkr 2,475 MillionReal Estate Development
89OTELLO CORPORATION ASAkr 2,438 MillionInformation Technology Services
90BOUVET ASAkr 2,402 MillionInformation Technology Services
91GLYDENDAL ASAkr 2,344 MillionSpecialty Stores
92HAVYARD GROUP ASAkr 2,323 MillionTrucks/Construction/Farm Machinery
93SIEM OFFSHORE INCkr 2,305 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
94SPAREBANKEN MOREkr 2,270 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
95AXACTOR SE (SN)kr 2,159 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services
96BELSHIPS ASAkr 2,131 MillionMarine Shipping
97NTS ASAkr 2,083 MillionMarine Shipping
98BYGGMA ASAkr 2,052 MillionBuilding Products
99NYKODE THERAPEUTICS ASkr 2,024 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
100AVANCE GAS HOLDING LIMITEDkr 1,937 MillionMarine Shipping
101ABG SUNDAL COLLIER HLDG ASAkr 1,926 MillionInvestment Banks/Brokers
102ICE GROUP ASAkr 1,910 MillionWireless Telecommunications
103ECIT ASkr 1,829 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services
104MAGSEIS FAIRFIELD ASAkr 1,820 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
105BW EPIC KOSAN LTDkr 1,727 MillionAir Freight/Couriers
106OKEA ASAkr 1,652 MillionContract Drilling
107MPC CONTAINER SHIPS ASAkr 1,618 MillionMarine Shipping
108FLEX LNG LTD (BM)kr 1,548 MillionOil & Gas Production
109KLAVENESS COMBINATION CARRIERS ASAkr 1,532 MillionMarine Shipping
110SPAREBANK 1 SOROST-NORGEkr 1,518 MillionMajor Banks
111SOLON EIENDOM ASAkr 1,498 MillionReal Estate Development
112RANA GRUBER ASkr 1,329 MillionSteel
113FROY ASAkr 1,328 MillionMarine Shipping
114ELEKTROIMPORTOREN ASkr 1,316 MillionWholesale Distributors
115REC SILICON ASAkr 1,302 MillionElectrical Products
116KOMPLETT BANK ASAkr 1,295 MillionRegional Banks
117SPAREBANK 1 HELGELANDkr 1,231 MillionMajor Banks
118SPAREBANKEN OSTkr 1,214 MillionRegional Banks
119BW ENERGY LIMITEDkr 1,187 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
120TECHSTEP ASAkr 1,143 MillionPackaged Software
121STRONGPOINT ASAkr 1,125 MillionInformation Technology Services
122HUNTER GROUP ASAkr 1,022 MillionOil & Gas Production
123SPAREBANK 1 RINGERIKE HADELANDkr 1,009 MillionSavings Banks
124SPAREBANK 1 OSTFOLD AKERSHUSkr 980 MillionRegional Banks
125PARETO BANK ASAkr 976 MillionRegional Banks
126SANDNES SPAREBANKkr 894 MillionRegional Banks
127VOLUE ASAkr 892 MillionPackaged Software
128Q-FREE ASAkr 889 MillionComputer Peripherals
129MASOVAL ASkr 887 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy
130NORTHERN OCEAN LTDkr 885 MillionContract Drilling
131INSR INSURANCE GROUP ASAkr 877 MillionProperty/Casualty Insurance
132CARBON TRANSITION ASAkr 873 MillionMarine Shipping
133BORGESTAD ASAkr 839 MillionConstruction Materials
134AMERICAN SHIPPING COMPANY ASAkr 830 MillionTrucks/Construction/Farm Machinery
135ZALARIS ASAkr 792 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services
136AQUALISBRAEMAR LOC ASAkr 725 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
137WEBSTEP ASAkr 690 MillionPackaged Software
138ASETEK A/Skr 685 MillionEngineering & Construction
139PEXIP HOLDING ASAkr 679 MillionPackaged Software
140GAMING INNOVATION GROUP LTDkr 675 MillionCasinos/Gaming
141HAVILA SHIPPINGkr 664 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
142HAV GROUP ASAkr 645 MillionSemiconductors
143PETRONOR E&P LTDkr 636 MillionOil & Gas Production
144TOTENS SPAREBANKkr 620 MillionRegional Banks
145REACH SUBSEA ASAkr 619 MillionMarine Shipping
146NORBIT ASAkr 619 MillionEngineering & Construction
147SEAWAY 7 ASAkr 618 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
148ITERA ASAkr 615 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services
149SPAREBANK 1 NORDMOREkr 590 MillionSavings Banks
150NEL ASAkr 578 MillionIndustrial Machinery
151ADS MARITIME HOLDING PLCkr 538 MillionMarine Shipping
152PROSAFE SE (SN)kr 538 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
153SONANS HOLDING ASkr 517 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services
154GOODTECH ASAkr 513 MillionIndustrial Machinery
155EIDESVIK OFFSHORE ASAkr 510 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
156PHILLY SHIPYARD ASAkr 510 MillionMarine Shipping
157JAEREN SPAREBANKkr 491 MillionRegional Banks
1582020 BULKERS LTDkr 460 MillionMarine Shipping
159VOW ASAkr 460 MillionEnvironmental Services
160JINHUI SHIPPING & TRANSPORTATIONkr 444 MillionMarine Shipping
161SEABIRD EXPLORATION PLCkr 438 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
162SKUE SPAREBANKkr 430 MillionRegional Banks
163BRABANK ASA ‘NEW’kr 412 MillionMajor Banks
164PETROLIA SEkr 410 MillionOil & Gas Production
165AURSKOG SPAREBANKkr 393 MillionRegional Banks
166ENDUR ASAkr 389 MillionContract Drilling
167ARCTIC FISH HOLDING ASkr 385 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
168CAMBI ASAkr 367 MillionEnvironmental Services
169HUDDLY ASkr 366 MillionPackaged Software
170NEKKAR ASAkr 359 MillionMarine Shipping
171MEDISTIM ASAkr 356 MillionMedical Specialties
172AWILCO LNG ASAkr 335 MillionOil & Gas Production
173SMARTOPTICS GROUP ASkr 326 MillionElectronic Components
174MELHUS SPAREBANKkr 317 MillionRegional Banks
175ROMERIKE SPAREBANKkr 314 MillionSavings Banks
176MERCELL HOLDING ASAkr 312 MillionPackaged Software
177GNP ENERGY ASkr 311 MillionElectric Utilities
178SCANA ASAkr 303 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
179GRONG SPAREBANKkr 293 MillionSavings Banks
180SELF STORAGE GROUP ASAkr 293 MillionOther Transportation
181KAHOOT! ASAkr 290 MillionPackaged Software
182ICE FISH FARM ASkr 283 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
183NAPATECH A/Skr 280 MillionElectronic Production Equipment
184SPAREBANK 68 GRADER NORDkr 276 MillionMajor Banks
185PHOTOCURE ASAkr 256 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
186VISTIN PHARMA ASAkr 253 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
187HOLAND OG SETSKOG SPAREBANKkr 249 MillionRegional Banks
188AWILCO DRILLING PLCkr 241 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
189CSAM HEALTH GROUP ASkr 229 MillionPackaged Software
190PANORO ENERGY ASAkr 227 MillionOil & Gas Production
191ROMSDAL SPAREBANKkr 226 MillionRegional Banks
192ZAPTEC ASkr 220 MillionElectrical Products
193SOGN SPAREBANKkr 219 MillionRegional Banks
194CYVIZ ASkr 217 MillionPackaged Software
195AIRTHINGS ASAkr 214 MillionElectronic Equipment/Instruments
196NAVAMEDIC ASAkr 210 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
197CADELER ASkr 209 MillionTrucks/Construction/Farm Machinery
198MINTRA HOLDING ASkr 204 MillionPackaged Software
199GC RIEBER SHIPPING ASAkr 202 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
200XPLORA TECHNOLOGIES ASkr 200 MillionInformation Technology Services
201BARRAMUNDI GROUP LTDkr 194 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
202ELECTROMAGNETIC GEOSERVICESkr 181 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
203HEXAGON PURUS ASAkr 178 MillionIndustrial Machinery
204SAGA PURE ASAkr 174 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
205VOSS VEKSAL-OG LANDMANDSBANKkr 168 MillionRegional Banks
206SIKRI HOLDING ASkr 168 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
207AASEN SPAREBANKkr 162 MillionRegional Banks
208ARRIBATEC SOLUTIONkr 154 MillionInformation Technology Services
209SUNNDAL SPAREBANKkr 148 MillionSavings Banks
210OTOVO ASkr 148 MillionEngineering & Construction
211QUESTERRE ENERGY CORPkr 145 MillionOil & Gas Production
212PATIENTSKY GROUP ASkr 140 MillionPackaged Software
213QUESTBACK GROUP ASkr 139 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
214NIDAROS SPAREBANKkr 137 MillionRegional Banks
215NORDHEALTH ASkr 136 MillionPackaged Software
216TREASURE ASAkr 133 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
217R8 PROPERTY ASAkr 132 MillionReal Estate Development
218OCEANTEAM ASAkr 128 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment
219HOUSE OF CONTROL GROUP ASkr 125 MillionPackaged Software
220EDDA WIND ASAkr 116 MillionMarine Shipping
221TYSNES SPAREBANKkr 115 MillionRegional Banks
222KRAFT BANK ASAkr 112 MillionRegional Banks
223SKANDIA GREENPOWER ASkr 98 MillionElectric Utilities
224CONTEXTVISION ABkr 97 MillionMedical Specialties
225ARCTICZYMES TECHNOLOGIES ASAkr 93 MillionBiotechnology
227RIVER TECH PLCkr 80 MillionPackaged Software
228PLAY MAGNUS ASkr 74 MillionPackaged Software
229CARASENT ASAkr 71 MillionInformation Technology Services
231NORDIC UNMANNED ASkr 65 MillionAerospace & Defense
232BALTIC SEA PROPERTIES ASkr 63 MillionReal Estate Development
233GENTIAN DIAGNOSTICS ASAkr 63 MillionMedical Specialties
234ATLANTIC SAPPHIRE ASAkr 59 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
235NEXT BIOMETRICS GROUP ASAkr 58 MillionComputer Peripherals
236HOFSETH BIOCARE ASkr 53 MillionFood: Specialty/Candy
237KMC PROPERTIES ASAkr 52 MillionReal Estate Development
238SKITUDE HOLDING ASkr 51 MillionPackaged Software
239ALTERNUS ENERGY GROUPkr 44 MillionAlternative Power Generation
240AYFIE GROUP ASkr 41 MillionInformation Technology Services
241AGILYX ASkr 41 MillionEngineering & Construction
242S.D. STANDARD DRILLING LIMITEDkr 35 MillionEngineering & Construction
243NORDIC HALIBUT ASkr 35 MillionFood Distributors
244NORTEL ASkr 34 MillionWireless Telecommunications
245BIOFISH HOLDING ASkr 31 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy
246ELLIPTIC LABORATORIES ASkr 30 MillionPackaged Software
247MAGNORA ASAkr 27 MillionElectric Utilities
248HYDROGENPRO ASkr 27 MillionWholesale Distributors
249ROMREAL INVEST LTDkr 23 MillionReal Estate Development
250ARCTIC BIOSCIENCE ASkr 20 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
251BW IDEOL ASkr 17 MillionReal Estate Investment Trusts
252AKER CARBON CAPTURE ASAkr 16 MillionIndustrial Machinery
253EAM SOLAR ASAkr 14 MillionAlternative Power Generation
254ARGEO ASkr 12 MillionEngineering & Construction
255INDUCT ASkr 12 MillionPackaged Software
256IDEX BIOMETRICS ASAkr 10 MillionSemiconductors
257NORSK SOLAR ASkr 9 MillionEngineering & Construction
258QUANTAFUEL ASAkr 8 MillionWholesale Distributors
259KALERA ASkr 8 MillionPackaged Software
260AEGA ASAkr 7 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
261NORCOD ASkr 7 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
2625TH PLANET GAMES A/Skr 6 MillionPackaged Software
263ASTROCAST SAkr 5 MillionTelecommunications Equipment
264ENSURGE MICROPOWER ASAkr 5 MillionSemiconductors
265ZENITH ENERGY LTDkr 4 MillionOil & Gas Production
266M VEST WATER ASkr 4 MillionIndustrial Machinery
267CLOUDBERRY CLEAN ENERGY ASAkr 4 MillionEngineering & Construction
268NORSK TITANIUM ASkr 3 MillionOther Metals/Minerals
269POLIGHT ASAkr 3 MillionElectronic Components
270OBSERVE MEDICAL ASAkr 3 MillionElectronic Equipment/Instruments
271TECO 2030 ASAkr 2 MillionIndustrial Machinery
272AKER OFFSHORE WIND ASkr 2 MillionAlternative Power Generation
273ZWIPE ASkr 2 MillionComputer Peripherals
274OCEAN SUN ASkr 1 MillionSemiconductors
275HYNION ASkr 1 MillionSpecialty Stores
276CIRCA GROUP ASkr 1 MillionBiotechnology
277EVERFUEL A/Skr 1 MillionChemicals: Specialty
278BERGENBIO ASAkr 1 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
279DESERT CONTROL ASkr 1 MillionChemicals: Specialty
280AQUA BIO TECHNOLOGY ASAkr 0 MillionBiotechnology
281CO2 CAPSOL ASkr 0 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services
282HUDDLESTOCK FINTECH ASkr 0 MillionPackaged Software
283NORTH ENERGY ASAkr 0 MillionOil & Gas Production
284LYTIX BIOPHARMA ASkr 0 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
285HORISONT ENERGI ASChemicals: Specialty
286FLYR ASAirlines
287ELOP ASIndustrial Machinery
288NORDIC NANOVECTOR ASAPharmaceuticals: Other
290ULTIMOVACS ASABiotechnology
291TARGOVAX ASABiotechnology
292MPC ENERGY SOLUTIONS N.VElectric Utilities
293GIGANTE SALMON ASAgricultural Commodities/Milling
294TEKNA HOLDING ASFinancial Conglomerates
295NORDIC MINING ASAOther Metals/Minerals
296KYOTO GROUP ASElectrical Products
297DLT ASAOther Metals/Minerals
298SOFTOX SOLUTIONS ASMiscellaneous Commercial Services
299NORDIC AQUA PARTNERS A/SAgricultural Commodities/Milling
300INTEGRATED WIND SOLUTIONS ASEngineering & Construction
301ANDFJORD SALMON ASAgricultural Commodities/Milling
302HARMONYCHAIN ASSemiconductors
303AKER HORIZONS ASAFinancial Conglomerates
304BLACK SEA PROPERTYReal Estate Development
305GREEN MINERALS ASOther Metals/Minerals
307PROXIMAR SEAFOOD ASFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy
309SALMON EVOLUTION ASAAgricultural Commodities/Milling
Top Norway Companies: Largest List

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