Top Aluminum Companies in the World 2023

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Here you can find the list of Top Aluminum Companies in the World. Aluminum Corporation of China Limited is the largest Aluminum Company in the world with a revenue of  $ 28 Billion followed by Norsk Hydro ASA with a Revenue of $ 16 Billion. Hydro is a leading aluminium and energy company that builds businesses and partnerships for a more sustainable future.

Aluminum Corporation of China Limited was incorporated on September 10th, 2001 in China, and Aluminum Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as “Chinalco”) is its controlling shareholder. It is also the only large company in China’s aluminum industry that’s engaged in the whole value chain, from exploration and mining of bauxite and coal, the production, sales, and R&D of alumina, primary aluminum and aluminum alloy products, to international trade, logistics, and power generation from both fossil fuels and new energy.

Hydro is one of the leading suppliers of extrusion ingots, sheet ingots, foundry alloys, wire rods and high-purity aluminum with a global production network. The company primary metal production facilities in Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Qatar, and recycling facilities in Europe and the US. Two-thirds of primary aluminum production is based on renewable energy. The company also offer prime-quality aluminum made with the highest content of post-consumer scrap in the market (>75%), which gives recycled aluminium industry’s lowest carbon footprint.

List of Top Aluminum Companies in the World

So here is the List of Top Aluminum Companies in the World based on the Total Sales (Revenue) in the recent year.

S.NoAluminium CompanyTotal Revenue CountryEmployeesDebt to Equity Return on EquityOperating Margin EBITDA IncomeTotal Debt
1ALUMINUM CORPORATION OF CHINA LIMITED $ 28 BillionChina630071.210.7%6% $ 14,012 Million
2NORSK HYDRO ASA $ 16 BillionNorway342400.415.9%4%$ 1,450 Million$ 3,390 Million
3CHINA HONGQIAO GROUP LTD $ 12 BillionChina424450.822.9%24%$ 4,542 Million$ 10,314 Million
4VEDANTA LTD $ 12 BillionIndia700890.730.7%26%$ 5,006 Million$ 8,102 Million
5Alcoa Corporation $ 9 BillionUnited States129000.322.5%16%$ 2,455 Million$ 1,836 Million
6UNITED COMPANY RU $ 8 BillionRussian Federation485480.839.0%15%$ 2,117 Million$ 7,809 Million
7Arconic Corporation $ 6 BillionUnited States134001.1-27.8%5%$ 614 Million$ 1,726 Million
8UACJ CORPORATION $ 5 BillionJapan97221.510.0%6%$ 681 Million$ 2,938 Million
9YUNNAN ALUMINIUM $ 4 BillionChina122810.726.8%13% $ 2,035 Million
10NIPPON LIGHT METAL HLDGS CO LIMITED $ 4 BillionJapan131620.74.9%6%$ 453 Million$ 1,374 Million
11SHANDONG NANSHAN ALUMINIUM CO., LTD $ 3 BillionChina185840.27.7%14% $ 1,324 Million
12ELKEM ASA $ 3 BillionNorway68560.718.4%13%$ 660 Million$ 1,478 Million
13ALUMINIUM BAHRAIN BSC $ 3 BillionBahrain 0.725.2%25%$ 1,207 Million$ 2,683 Million
14HENAN MINGTAI AL. INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. $ 2 BillionChina53010.419.4%8% $ 618 Million
15JIANGSU DINGSHENG NEW MATERIAL JOINT-STOCK CO.,LTD $ 2 BillionChina49822.06.2%4% $ 1,475 Million
16XINGFA ALUMINIUM HOLDINGS LIMITED $ 2 BillionChina83451.025.3%7%$ 204 Million$ 602 Million
17Century Aluminum Company $ 2 BillionUnited States20781.3-57.6%0%$ 86 Million$ 412 Million
18GUANGDONG HEC TECHNOLOGY HOLDING CO., LTD $ 2 BillionChina118941.37.5%2% $ 2,302 Million
19GRANGES AB $ 1 BillionSweden17740.712.9%6%$ 192 Million$ 519 Million
20DAIKI ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY CO $ 1 BillionJapan11870.926.2%9%$ 178 Million$ 431 Million
21HENAN ZHONGFU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD $ 1 BillionChina70440.3-16.6%3% $ 612 Million
22NATIONAL ALUMINUM $ 1 BillionIndia170600.020.9%22%$ 415 Million$ 17 Million
23Kaiser Aluminum Corporation $ 1 BillionUnited States25751.5-2.0%4%$ 167 Million$ 1,093 Million
List of Top Aluminum Companies in the World

China Hongqiao Group Co., Ltd is an extra-large multinational enterprise covering the entire aluminum industry chain. Developed into the world’s largest aluminum producer in 2015, Hongqiao is specialized in thermoelectric, mining, and producing aluminum products. Its diverse product portfolio includes alumina, hot liquid aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy ingots, rolled and cast aluminum alloy products, aluminum busbar, high precision aluminum plates with foil, and new materials. It was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011. By the end of 2020, the total assets of Hongqiao totaled 181.5 billion yuan.

Top Aluminium Companies in India

So finally these are the list of Top Aluminum Companies in the World.

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