Top Major Chinese internet Companies (Largest)

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List of Top Major Chinese internet Companies which are based on the total sales (Revenue) in the recent year. JD.COM INC is the largest Chinese internet Company with a revenue of $ 108 Billon followed by TENCENT HOLDINGS LIMITED, MEITUAN.

List of Top Major Chinese internet Companies by Sales

So here is the List of Top Major Chinese internet Companies by Sales (Total Revenue)

S.NOChinese internet CompanyTotal Revenue (FY)Sector / IndustryNumber of EmployeesDebt to Equity Stock Symbol
1JD.COM INC$ 108 BillonInternet Retail3149060.29618
2TENCENT HOLDINGS LIMITED$ 70 BillonInternet Software/Services513500.4700
3MEITUAN$ 17 BillonInternet Software/Services692050.53690
4BEIJING UNITED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.$ 3 BillonInternet Retail8060.6603613
5GLOBAL TOP E-COMME$ 3 BillonInternet Retail25100.32640
6EAST MONEY INFORMA$ 2 BillonInternet Software/Services49271.5300059
7YIWU HUADING NYLON CO.,LTD.$ 1 BillonInternet Retail49250.3601113
8WANGSU SCIENCE AND$ 868 MillionInternet Software/Services23740.1300017
9TIANZE INFORMATION$ 766 MillionInternet Retail29790.2300209
10YOUZU INTERACTIVE$ 717 MillionInternet Software/Services21340.22174
11CLOUD VILLAGE INC$ 709 MillionInternet Software/Services1148-1.69899
12NANJI E-COMMERCE C$ 636 MillionInternet Retail8730.02127
13HITHINK ROYALFLUSH$ 431 MillionInternet Software/Services40580.0300033
14SICHUAN HEZONG MED$ 426 MillionInternet Software/Services7590.0300937
15UNQ HOLDINGS LTD$ 406 MillionInternet Retail7321.22177
16HONG KONG TECHNOLOGY VENTURE CO LTD$ 371 MillionInternet Retail18180.21137
17CHEERWIN GRP LTD$ 247 MillionInternet Retail8230.06601
18TALKWEB INFORMATIO$ 227 MillionInternet Software/Services39320.22261
19XINHUANETCO.,LTD.$ 218 MillionInternet Software/Services18530.0603888
20CAPINFO CO LTD-H$ 203 MillionInternet Software/Services17450.21075
21MAOYAN ENTERTAINMENT$ 198 MillionInternet Software/Services8790.11896
22HANGZHOU ONECHANCE$ 194 MillionInternet Retail17960.0300792
23YESASIA HOLDINGS LTD$ 173 MillionInternet Software/Services0.62209
24BAIRONG INC$ 165 MillionInternet Software/Services0.06608
25BAIOO FAMILY INTERACTIVE LIMITED$ 164 MillionInternet Software/Services8840.02100
26COL DIGITAL PUBLIS$ 149 MillionInternet Software/Services7310.1300364
27PACIFIC ONLINE LIMITED$ 140 MillionInternet Software/Services10810.0543
28SHANGHAI KAYTUNE I$ 135 MillionInternet Retail13690.1301001
29QEEKA HOME (CAYMAN) INC$ 133 MillionInternet Software/Services7880.11739
30RUMERE CO LTD$ 129 MillionInternet Retail3700.0301088
31ZHUHAI HUAJIN CAPI$ 78 MillionInternet Software/Services6480.7532
32SICHUAN XUN YOU NE$ 70 MillionInternet Software/Services3610.0300467
33ZHEJIANG NETSUN CO$ 59 MillionInternet Software/Services5460.02095
34BOYAA INTERACTIVE INTERNATIONAL LTD$ 51 MillionInternet Software/Services2790.0434
35TIAN GE INTERACTIVE HOLDINGS LTD$ 48 MillionInternet Software/Services4870.11980
36FULU HLDGS LTD$ 48 MillionInternet Software/Services4940.12101
37CHINA VERED FINL HLDG CORP LTD$ 41 MillionInternet Retail770.0245
38CRAZY SPORTS GROUP LTD$ 39 MillionInternet Software/Services900.082
39BABYTREE GROUP$ 31 MillionInternet Software/Services5180.01761
40LINEKONG INTERACTIVE GROUP CO LTD$ 31 MillionInternet Software/Services1410.38267
41SICHUAN NEWSNET ME$ 30 MillionInternet Software/Services4380.0300987
42CHESHI TECHNOLOGY INC$ 26 MillionInternet Software/Services2100.01490
43FEIYU TECHNOLOGY INTL CO LTD$ 17 MillionInternet Software/Services4320.11022
44DOUMOB$ 13 MillionInternet Software/Services930.01917
45CHINA PUBLIC PROCUREMENT LTD$ 12 MillionInternet Software/Services1200.21094
46LUXEY INTL HLDGS L$ 9 MillionInternet Retail880.28041
47TRADEGO FINTECH LTD$ 8 MillionInternet Software/Services1110.18017
48MOST KWAI CHUNG LTD$ 8 MillionInternet Software/Services990.01716
49CHINA NETCOM TECHNOLOGY HLDGS LTD$ 4 MillionInternet Software/Services880.08071
50SHENTONG ROBOT EDUC GP COMPANY LTD$ 1 MillionInternet Software/Services993.18206
Top Major Chinese internet Companies: Largest

List of major Chinese internet companies, Top 10 largest Chinese internet companies, Biggest Internet Company in China based on Revenue Sales.

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