Top 10 Construction Companies in World 2021

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Here you can find the List of Top Construction Companies in the World. The largest Construction Company in the world has a revenue of $206 Billion followed by 2nd largest construction companies with Revenue of $123 Billion.

List of Top Construction Companies in the World

Here is the List of Top Construction Companies in the World which are sorted out based on the revenue.

1. China State Construction Engineering

Largest Construction companies, Founded in 1982, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (hereinafter “China State Construction”) is now a global investment and construction group featuring professional development and market-oriented operation.

China State Construction carries out business management activities through its public company – China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. (stock code 601668.SH), and has seven listed companies and more than 100 secondary holding subsidiaries.

  • Turnover : $206 Billion
  • Founded in 1982

As operating revenue increasing tenfold every twelve years on average, China State Construction saw its new contract value hit RMB2.63 trillion in 2018, and ranked 23rd in Fortune Global 500 and 44th Brand Finance Global 500 2018. It was rated A by S&P, Moody’s and Fitch in 2018, the highest credit rating in the global construction industry.

The company is one of the largest construction companies in the world. China State Construction has been doing business in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, covering

  • Investment and development (real estate, construction financing and operation),
  • Construction engineering (housing and infrastructure) as well as survey and
  • Design (green construction, energy conservation and environmental protection, and e-commerce).

In China, China State Construction largest construction companies in the world has built more than 90% of skyscrapers above 300m, three-quarters of key airports, three-quarters of satellite launch bases, one-third of urban utility tunnels and half of nuclear power plants, and one out of every 25 Chinese lives in the house built by China State Construction.

2. China Railway Engineering Group

China Railway Group Limited (known as CREC) is a world-leading construction conglomerate with more than 120 years history. China Railway Engineering is one of the largest construction companies in the world.

As one of the world’s largest construction and engineering contractors, CREC takes a leading position in infrastructure construction, industrial equipment manufacturing, scientific research and consulting, real estate development, resources development, financial trust, trade and other fields.

By the end of 2018, CREC has owned the total assets of RMB 942.51 billion and the net assets of RMB 221.98 billion. The contract value signed in 2018 amounted to RMB 1,556.9 billion, and the Company’s operating income was RMB 740.38 billion.

  • Turnover : $123 Billion
  • 90% of China’s electrified railways
  • Founded: 1894

The Company ranked the 56th among “Fortune Global 500” in 2018, the 13th successive year being listed, while at home it ranked the 13th among Top 500 Chinese Enterprises.

Over the decades, the Company has built more than 2/3 of China’s national railway network, 90% of China’s electrified railways, 1/8 of the national expressways and 3/5 of the urban rail transit system.

The history of CREC can be traced back to 1894, when China Shanhaiguan Manufactory (now a subsidiary of CREC) was set up to manufacture railway tracks and metal bridges for Peking-Zhangjiakou Railway, the first railway project designed and constructed by Chinese.

3. China Railway Construction

China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (“CRCC”) was solely established by China Railway Construction Corporation on November 5th, 2007 in Beijing, and is now a mega size construction corporation under the administration of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China (SASAC).

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On March 10th and 13th, 2008, CRCC was listed in Shanghai (SH, 601186) and Hong Kong (HK, 1186) respectively, with a registered capital totaled RMB 13.58 billion. 3rd biggest construction companies in the world by Revenue.

  • Turnover : $120 Billion
  • Established: 2007

CRCC, one of the world’s most powerful and largest integrated construction group, ranking the 54th among the Fortune Global 500 in 2020, and the 14th among the China 500 in 2020,as well as 3rd among ENR’s Top 250 Global Contractors in 2020, is also one of the largest engineering contractor in China.

The company is third in the list of largest construction companies in the world. The business of CRCC covers project

  • Contracting,
  • Survey design consultation,
  • Industrial manufacturing,
  • Real estate development,
  • Logistics,
  • Trade of goods and
  • Materials as well as capital operations.

CRCC has developed mainly from construction contract into a complete and comprehensive industrial chain of scientific research, planning, survey, design, construction, supervision, maintenance and operation, etc.

The comprehensive industrial chain enables CRCC to provide his clients one-stop integrated services. Now CRCC has established its leadership position in project design and construction fields in plateau railways, high-speed railways, highways, bridges, tunnels and urban rail traffic.

Over the past 60 years, the company has inherited the fine traditions and work style of the railway corps: carrying out administrative decrees promptly, courageous in innovation and indomitable.

There is a kind of preeminent culture in CRCC with “sincerity and innovation for ever, quality and character at once” as its core values so that the enterprise has strong cohesion, execution and combat effectiveness. CRCC is striding forward towards the goal of “China’s construction industry leader, the world’s most competitive large construction group”.

4. Pacific Construction Group

Pacific Construction Group (PCG) is a full-service construction firm located in the heart of Orange County which offers. The company is 4th in the list of biggest construction companies in the world.

  • PRE-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES to the Southern California Marketplace.

Pacific Construction Group’s corporate ownership is made up of two partners who bring an impressive depth of experience to the organization. The company is 4th is the list of largest construction companies in the world.

Mark Bundy and Doug MacGinnis have worked together in the real estate and construction business since 1983 with over 55 years of combined experience. They have managed the construction of over $300 million and 6.5 million square feet of new commercial construction.

  • Turnover : $98 Billion

This depth of experience allows PCG to serve its customers in a wide variety of ways, from project feasibility and site identification through the turn-key construction process.

PCG’s diversity of talent and services provides us the means to effectively meet each client’s unique construction needs. The ability to merge together a combination of services shortens the development time and makes for the most efficient use of real estate.

The desired result is that our customers experience fewer headaches, greater satisfaction and increased savings through the use of an integrated construction process.

5. China Communications Construction

China Communications Construction Company Limited (“CCCC” or the “Company”), initiated and founded by China Communications Construction Group (“CCCG”), was incorporated on 8 October 2006. Its H shares were listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange with stock code of 1800.HK on 15 December 2006.

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The Company (including all of its subsidiaries except where the content otherwise requires) is the first large state-owned transportation infrastructure group entering the overseas capital market.

As at 31 December 2009, CCCC has 112,719 employees and total asset of RMB267,900 million (in accordance with PRC GAAP). Among 127 central enterprises governed by SASAC, CCCC ranked No.12 in revenue and No.14 in profit for the year.

  • Turnover : $95 Billion

The Company and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) are principally engaged in the design and construction of transportation infrastructure, dredging and heavy machinery manufacturing business. It covers the following business aspects: port, terminal, road, bridge, railway, tunnel, civil work design and construction, capital dredging and reclamation dredging, container crane, heavy marine machinery, large steel structure and road machinery manufacturing, and international project contracting, import and export trading services.

It is the largest port construction and design company in China, a leading company in road and bridge construction and design, a leading railway construction company, the largest dredging company in China and the second largest dredging company (in terms of dredging capacity) in the world.

The Company is also the world’s largest container crane manufacturer. The Company currently has 34 wholly- owned or controlled subsidiaries. It is one the best construction company in world.

6. The Power Construction Corporation of China

The Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) was founded in September 2011. POWERCHINA provides comprehensive and full-range of services from planning, investigation, designing, consulting, civil works construction to M&E installation and manufacturing services in the fields of hydropower, thermal power, new energy and infrastructure.

The business also extends into real estate, investment, finance, and O&M services. The vision of POWERCHINA is to become a top global enterprise in renewable energy and the development of hydropower resources, a key player in the infrastructure sector, and a driving force in China’s power and water conservancy industries, as well as an important participant in real estate development and operations.

  • Turnover : $67 Billion

POWERCHINA boasts world-leading EPC services in the development of hydropower, water works, thermal power, new energy, and transmission and distribution projects, in addition to the achievements in the fields of infrastructure, equipment manufacturing, real estate and investment.

POWERCHINA has world-class construction capacity, including the annual capacity of 300 million m3 of earth and rock cutting, 30 million m3 of concrete placement, 15,000 MW of installation of turbine-generator units, 1-million-ton of metal fabrication works, 5-million m3 of foundation grouting as well as 540,000 m3 of construction of impervious walls.

POWERCHINA possesses state-of-the-art technology in dam engineering and construction, installation of turbine-generator units, foundation design, investigation and construction of extra large underground caverns, investigation, engineering and treatment of high earth/rock slopes, dredging and hydraulic fill works, construction of runways in airports, design and construction of thermal and hydropower plants, design and installation of power grids, and related equipment and hydraulic machinery.

POWERCHINA also has first-class capacity of scientific and technological innovation in hydropower, thermal power, and power transmission and transformation. By the end of January 2016, POWERCHINA had total assets of USD 77.1 billion and 210,000 employees. It ranks first globally in the field of power construction, and is the world’s largest power engineering contractor.

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7. Vinci Construction

VINCI Construction, a global player and leading European building and civil engineering group, employs more than 72,000 people and comprises 800 companies operating on five continents. Among the list of largest construction companies in the world.

  • Turnover : $55 Billion

It designs and builds structures and infrastructure that address the issues facing today’s world – the ecological transition, population growth and demand for housing, mobility, access to healthcare, water and education, and new recreational facilities and work spaces.

VINCI Construction marshals its expertise, innovative drive and team engagement to support its customers in a changing world. The company is 7th in the list of biggest construction companies in the world.

8. ACS Construction Group

ACS Construction Group was formed over 20 years ago to break boundaries and build excellence. The company do this through being a people-first business. The majority of team are employed directly by the company.

  • Turnover : $44 Billion

ACS Construction offers a highly experienced design and build team for the construction of structures, warehouses and industrial units across the UK. ACS Construction Group is unique as directly employ 80% of workforce. The company is among the top 10 Construction companies in World.

9. Bouygues

As a responsible and committed leader in sustainable construction, Bouygues Construction sees innovation as its primary source of added value: this is “shared innovation” that benefits its customers at the same time as improving its productivity and the working conditions of its 58 149 employees.

  • Turnover: $43 Billion

In 2019, Bouygues Construction generated sales of €13.4 billion. Among the list of largest construction companies in the world.

Ever since the earliest days of the Bouygues Group, Bouygues Construction has grown through a long series of innovative projects, both at home in France and in many international locations. Its ability to leverage its expertise to meet increasingly ambitious challenges defines the identity of a group that never stands still.

10. Daiwa House Industry

Daiwa House Industry was founded in 1955 on the basis of a corporate mission of contributing to the “industrialization of construction.” The first product to be developed was the Pipe House. This was followed by the Midget House, among other new products, opening up the way to Japan’s first prefabricated housing.

Since then, the Company has expanded across a wide field of operations, including Single-Family Houses, its core business, Rental Housing, Condominiums, Commercial Facilities, and general business-use buildings.

  • Turnover: $40 Billion

Daiwa House Industry has to date supplied more than 1.6 million residences (single-family houses, rental housing, and condominiums), over 39,000 commercial facilities, and 6,000-plus medical and nursing care facilities.

 During this time, we have consistently kept in mind the product development and provision of services that are useful and will bring joy to our customers. By always being a company that is essential to society, we have developed into the major corporate enterprise that we are today.

Today, as a group working to co-create value for individuals, communities and people’s lifestyles, we should develop a strong basis for stable and continuous growth in response to the ever changing needs of society.

In Japan and in countries and regions around the world, such as the U.S.A. and ASEAN countries, we have begun laying the foundations that will facilitate business development aimed at contributing to local communities.

So finally these are the list of top 10 largest construction companies in the world.

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