Top 10 Chinese Electronics companies

Last updated on September 8th, 2022 at 09:15 am

Here you can find the List of Top 10 Chinese Electronics Companies in the world.

List of Top 10 Chinese Electronics Companies

S.NOCompany NameIndustryTotal Revenue (FY)Return on Equity (TTM)
1HNA TECHNOLOGYElectronics Distributors$ 51 Billion-117.3
2MIDEA GROUP CO LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 43 Billion24.8
3SUNING COMElectronics/Appliance Stores$ 38 Billion-15.9
4HAIER SMART HOMEElectronics/Appliances$ 32 Billion19.5
5GREE ELEC APPLICANElectronics/Appliances$ 26 Billion23.3
6BOE TECHNOLOGY GPElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 21 Billion20.0
7SICHUAN CHANGHONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.Electronics/Appliances$ 14 Billion2.7
8LUXSHARE PRECISIONElectronic Components$ 14 Billion25.1
9TPV TECHNOLOGY COElectronic Production Equipment$ 10 Billion83.0
10SHENZHEN AISIDI COElectronics Distributors$ 10 Billion17.8
List of Top 10 Chinese Electronics companies

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE) was founded in April 1993. It is an Internet of Things company that provides intelligent port products and professional services for information interaction and human health. It has formed a semiconductor display business as its core, Mini LED, sensors and The “1+4+N” aircraft carrier business group with integrated development of solutions, smart system innovation, and smart medical industry.

As a leading company in the global semiconductor display industry, BOE (BOE) has led China’s display industry to realize from scratch, from existence to large, and from large to strong. At present, every four smart terminals in the world have a display screen from BOE (BOE), and its ultra-high-definition, flexible, micro-display and other solutions have been widely used in well-known domestic and foreign brands. According to data from the global market research organization Omdia, in 2020, BOE (BOE) will rank first in the world in terms of display shipments in the five application areas of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, and TVs.

In the field of Mini LED, BOE (BOE) provides customers with semiconductor technology and advanced micron-level packaging technology next-generation LED display systems and solutions with its unique active drive architecture and high-speed transfer technology. Currently, it has launched 75-inch 8K Mini LED, 0.9mm pixel pitch Mini LED display products, etc., bring a new “view” to people.

The sensor and solution business focuses on medical imaging, biological detection, smart windows, microwave communication, fingerprint recognition and other fields. BOE (BOE) has full-size X-ray flat panel detector backplane products (FPXD) from 12 inches to 46 inches. It is widely used in global high-end medical equipment companies such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, etc. Smart Windows provides highly competitive sensor components and solutions for transportation, construction and other fields through display and sensor technology innovation.

  The smart system innovation business uses artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing technologies to focus on products and services that integrate software and hardware to provide smart cities, smart finance, smart parks, smart transportation, urban lighting, smart government affairs, smart education, smart healthcare, The overall solution for smart energy and other IoT subdivisions. At present, BOE (BOE) smart financial solutions cover more than 1,500 outlets, smart transportation solutions provide products and services for more than 80% of China’s high-speed rail lines, and innovative products and solutions have spread all over the world.

  BOE’s smart medical engineering business combines science and technology with medicine, fusion and innovation of medical engineering, adheres to the people-centered approach, focuses on families, communities, and hospitals, and builds a healthy IoT platform to connect testing equipment, medical staff and customers to form wisdom The health management ecosystem is to create an O+O full-cycle health service closed loop with health management as the core, smart terminals as tools, and digital hospitals as the support, to provide people with high-quality and convenient health and medical services. At present, BOE (BOE) has deployed a number of digital hospitals in Beijing, Hefei, Chengdu, Suzhou and other places, focusing on scenarios such as smart first aid and smart health care, providing customized, software-hard-integrated health IoT solutions to provide people with Full-cycle health and medical services from “prevention, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation”.

  As of 2020, BOE has accumulated over 70,000 patents available. Among the annual new patent applications, over 90% of invention patents and over 35% of overseas patents cover the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. The US patent service agency IFI Claims released a statistical report on the number of US patents granted in 2020.

BOE’s global ranking jumped to 13th. The number of US patents granted reached 2,144, ranking among the world’s TOP20 for three consecutive years; BOE has been in the World Intellectual Property Organization for many years ( WIPO’s patent ranking ranks among the top ten in the world.

  BOE (BOE) has multiple manufacturing bases in Beijing, Hefei, Chengdu, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Mianyang, Wuhan, Kunming, Suzhou, Ordos, Gu’an and other places, with subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Switzerland, Japan, In 19 countries and regions including South Korea, Singapore, India, Russia, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates, the service system covers major global regions such as Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

List of Electronics companies in China

S.NOCompany NameIndustryTotal Revenue (FY)Return on Equity (TTM)
1HNA TECHNOLOGYElectronics Distributors$ 51 Billion-117.3
2MIDEA GROUP CO LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 43 Billion24.8
3SUNING COMElectronics/Appliance Stores$ 38 Billion-15.9
4HAIER SMART HOMEElectronics/Appliances$ 32 Billion19.5
5GREE ELEC APPLICANElectronics/Appliances$ 26 Billion23.3
6BOE TECHNOLOGY GPElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 21 Billion20.0
7SICHUAN CHANGHONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.Electronics/Appliances$ 14 Billion2.7
8LUXSHARE PRECISIONElectronic Components$ 14 Billion25.1
9TPV TECHNOLOGY COElectronic Production Equipment$ 10 Billion83.0
10SHENZHEN AISIDI COElectronics Distributors$ 10 Billion17.8
11TELLING TELECOMMUNElectronics Distributors$ 9 Billion8.4
12GOERTEK INC.Electronic Components$ 9 Billion18.9
13KONKA GROUPElectronics/Appliances$ 8 Billion-3.2
14OFILM GROUP CO LTDElectronic Components$ 7 Billion-25.6
15HISENSE HOME APPL.Electronics/Appliances$ 7 Billion15.5
18HISENSE VISUAL TECHNOLOGYElectronics/Appliances$ 6 Billion8.2
19LENS TECHNOLOGY COElectronic Components$ 6 Billion13.7
20AVARY HOLDING (SHEElectronic Components$ 5 Billion14.8
21SUZHOU DONGSHAN PRElectronic Production Equipment$ 4 Billion13.4
22JCET GROUP Electronic Production Equipment$ 4 Billion15.9
23ZHEJIANG DAHUA TECElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 4 Billion16.9
24SHANGHAI MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL INDUSTRYElectronics/Appliances$ 4 Billion9.5
25SHENZHEN MTC CO.LTElectronics/Appliances$ 3 Billion18.7
26NINESTAR CORPElectronic Components$ 3 Billion4.5
27ZHEJIANG SUPOR COElectronics/Appliances$ 3 Billion29.6
28MLS CO LTDElectronic Production Equipment$ 3 Billion4.2
29SHN HUAQIANG INDElectronic Production Equipment$ 2 Billion15.2
30CHANGHONG MEILINGElectronics/Appliances$ 2 Billion2.1
31SHENGYI TECHNOLOGYElectronic Components$ 2 Billion24.6
32GUANGDONG XINBAO EElectronics/Appliances$ 2 Billion14.8
33HAN’S LASER TECHNOElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 2 Billion14.0
34SHENNAN CIRCUITS CElectronic Components$ 2 Billion17.9
35JOYOUNG CO. LTD.Electronics/Appliances$ 2 Billion23.5
36SHENZHEN TXD TECHNElectronic Production Equipment$ 2 Billion19.7
37WUHAN EAST LAKE HIGH TECHNOLOGY GROUPE CO.,LTD.Electronic Equipment/Instruments$ 2 Billion12.3
38SHENZHEN YITOA INTElectronic Components$ 2 Billion1.4
39CAIHONG DISPLAY DEVICES CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 2 Billion20.7
40WUHAN P&S INFORMATElectronic Components$ 2 Billion-41.1
41GUANGDONG HOMA APPElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion-18.9
42JIANGXI FIRSTAR PAElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion 
43SHENGHE RESOURCES HOLDING CO. LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion14.8
44HANGZHOU ROBAM APPElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion23.2
45LIANCHUANG ELECTROElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion4.3
46WUS PRINTED CIRCUIElectronic Components$ 1 Billion18.5
47ZHEJIANG DUN AN ARElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion-24.3
48SHENZHEN DEREN ELEElectronic Components$ 1 Billion-7.4
49ECOVACS ROBOTICSElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion49.7
50ZHONGJI INNOLIGHTElectronic Components$ 1 Billion10.2
51SHENZHEN KINWONG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 1 Billion14.2
52XIAMEN COMFORT SCIElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion9.6
53DONGXU OPTOELECTROElectronic Components$ 1 Billion-13.1
54AUCMA COMPANY LIMITEDElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion15.8
55WUHU TOKEN SCIENCEElectronic Components$ 1 Billion11.5
56SHENZHEN LAIBAO HIElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion11.7
57GRG BANKING EQUIPMElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion8.2
58KINGCLEAN ELECTRIC CO.,LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion11.6
59GUANGDONG VANWARDElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion17.4
60HUAGONG TECH COElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion12.4
61ACCELINK TECHNOLOGElectronic Components$ 1 Billion10.7
62NAURA TECHNOLOGY GElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion12.6
63JIANGSU LINYANG ENERGYElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion7.1
64VICTORY GIANT TECHElectronic Components$ 1 Billion18.3
65SHENZHEN TOPBAND CElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion18.7
66GUANGDONG SACA PREElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion-1.3
67AEROSPACE HI-TECHElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion-11.9
68XIAMEN INTRETECH IElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion25.3
69GUANGDONG GOWORLDElectronic Components$ 1 Billion10.2
70SUZHOU CHUNXING PRElectronics Distributors$ 1 Billion-50.0
71WHIRLPOOL CHINA CO.,LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion-7.6
72SHENZHEN H&T INTELElectronic Components$ 1 Billion18.3
73INESA INTELLIGENT TECH INC.Electronic Components$ 1 Billion6.1
74BEIJING ROBOROCK TECHNOLOGY CO ., LTD.Electronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion20.2
75ADDSINO CO LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion10.0
76SHANGHAI FEILO ACOUSTICS CO., LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion-16.0
77SUNTAK TECHNOLOGYElectronic Components$ 1 Billion12.4
78VATTI CORPORATIONElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion13.1
79FENGHUA ADV TECHElectronic Components$ 1 Billion13.9
80GUOGUANG ELECTRICElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion7.8
81CHONGQING CHUANYI AUTOMATION CO.,LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion21.5
82GUIZHOU SPACE APPLElectronic Components$ 1 Billion12.3
83KEHUA DATA CO LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion12.6
84QI AN XIN TECHNOLOGY GROUP INC.Electronics Distributors$ 1 Billion-5.2
85SHENZHEN S C NEW EElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion14.9
86SHENZHEN FASTPRINTElectronic Components$ 1 Billion16.3
87CHAOZHOU THREE-CIRElectronic Components$ 1 Billion21.2
89CHINA ZHENHUA SCIEElectronic Components$ 1 Billion19.1
90ZHEJIANG JINGSHENGElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion26.0
91SHANGHAI LINGANG HOLDINGS CORPORATION LIMITEDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion10.5
92D/F ELECTRONICS COElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion8.7
93FUJIAN TORCH ELECTRON TECHNOLOGYElectronic Components$ 1 Billion23.9
94BEAR ELECTRIC APPLElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion15.4
95SHENGYI ELECTRONICSElectronic Components$ 1 Billion8.0
96GOLDENMAX INTERNATElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion25.6
97SHANGHAI FLYCO ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion24.1
98SHENZHEN FENDA TECElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion-6.5
99YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 1 Billion31.2
100GUANGDONG CREATE CElectronic Production Equipment$ 1 Billion-15.6
101SZ SUNLORD ELECTROElectronic Components$ 1 Billion15.4
102FORYOU CORPORATIONElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion8.3
103COSTAR GROUP CO LTElectronic Components$ 1 Billion11.4
104WUHAN GUIDE INFRARElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 1 Billion19.6
105SICHUAN JIUZHOU ELElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Billion5.4
106WENZHOU YIHUA CONNElectronic Components$ 497 Million8.8
107FOSHAN NATIONSTARElectronic Components$ 496 Million5.5
108UNIGROUP GUOXIN MIElectronic Production Equipment$ 496 Million27.3
109ZHEJIANG QUARTZ CRElectronic Production Equipment$ 489 Million7.2
110CREATE TECH & SCIEElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 486 Million6.2
111BEIJING JETSEN TECElectronics/Appliances$ 485 Million-14.4
112TDG HOLDING CO.,LTD.Electronic Production Equipment$ 479 Million8.1
113NANJING SUNLORD ELElectronics Distributors$ 476 Million17.4
114HONGLI ZHIHUI GROUElectronic Production Equipment$ 476 Million12.2
115SHENZHEN ZOWEE TECElectronic Production Equipment$ 461 Million-36.2
116SHENZHEN FRD SCIENElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 445 Million5.2
117AOSHIKANG TECHNOLOElectronic Components$ 442 Million16.7
118SUZHOU ANJIE TECHNElectronic Production Equipment$ 441 Million2.6
119CHENGDU XGIMI TECHNOLOGYElectronics/Appliances$ 432 Million 
120HEXING ELECTRICAL CO.,LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 425 Million5.1
121BOMIN ELECTRONICSElectronic Components$ 424 Million9.5
122COSONIC INTELLIGENElectronics/Appliances$ 404 Million7.5
123XIAMEN HONGXIN ELEElectronic Production Equipment$ 402 Million-9.3
124XGD INCElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 401 Million3.0
125NANTONG JIANGHAI CElectronic Components$ 400 Million12.4
126ELECTRIC CONNECTORElectronic Components$ 394 Million10.0
127OLYMPIC CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDElectronic Production Equipment$ 386 Million9.4
128EPOXY BASE ELECTRONIC MATERIAL CORPORATION LIMITEDElectronic Production Equipment$ 382 Million24.3
129EVERDISPLAY OPTRONICS (SHANGHAI)Electronic Production Equipment$ 382 Million 
130HUNAN AIHUA GROUP C0.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 382 Million17.5
131NORTH ELECTRO-OPTIC CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 381 Million2.3
133ZHE JIANG KANGSHENElectronics/Appliances$ 357 Million6.3
134SHENZHEN JUFEI OPTElectronic Components$ 357 Million10.5
135SUZHOU KEDA TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 357 Million4.9
136HUIZHOU CHINA EAGLElectronic Components$ 355 Million7.3
137SHENZHEN MICROGATEElectronic Components$ 355 Million6.8
138GOSUNCN TECHNOLOGYElectronic Components$ 354 Million-25.1
139SHENZHEN CDL PRECIElectronic Production Equipment$ 354 Million6.9
140HENAN ANCAI HI-TECH CO.,LTD.Electronic Production Equipment$ 348 Million14.5
141DBG TECHNOLOGY COElectronic Production Equipment$ 346 Million5.9
142SHANGHAI HI-TECH CElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 345 Million12.0
143KEESON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION LIMITEDElectronics/Appliances$ 344 Million11.2
144ELEC-TECH INTL COElectronics/Appliances$ 335 Million-34.0
145CPT TECHNOLOGY (GElectronic Components$ 329 Million0.2
146GUANGZHOU ZHIGUANGElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 326 Million26.9
147TATWAH SMARTECH COElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 321 Million-18.0
148NINGBO FUJIA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 319 Million26.0
149QINGDAO TOPSCOMM COMMUNICATION INC.Electronic Production Equipment$ 318 Million0.7
150GINLONG TECHNOLOGIElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 318 Million30.4
151WUHAN JINGCE ELECTElectronic Production Equipment$ 316 Million11.2
152NINGBO DECHANG ELECTRICAL MACHINERYElectronics/Appliances$ 314 Million85.9
153SHENZHEN SUNYES ELElectronic Production Equipment$ 311 Million5.8
154UNIONMAN TECHNOLOGYElectronic Components$ 310 Million17.3
155TSANN KUEN (CHINA)Electronics/Appliances$ 309 Million16.7
156SHENZHEN LONGLI TEElectronic Production Equipment$ 307 Million-12.6
157KINGSIGNAL TECHNOLElectronic Components$ 298 Million-2.5
158APPOTRONICS CORPORATION LIMITEDElectronics/Appliances$ 296 Million12.7
159HANWEI ELECTRONICSElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 294 Million12.4
160EDIFIER TECHNOLOGYElectronics/Appliances$ 294 Million16.8
161GOLDCARD SMART GPElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 293 Million2.2
162QINGDAO HIRON COMMERCIAL COLD CHAIN CO.,LTD.Electronics/Appliances$ 286 Million12.1
163XIAMEN FARATRONIC CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 286 Million25.2
164CECEP ENVIRONMENTAElectronic Components$ 286 Million-17.7
165WISCOM SYSTEM COElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 282 Million6.2
166YAGUANG TECHNOLOGYElectronic Production Equipment$ 275 Million-0.1
167ZHEJIANG MEIDA INDElectronics/Appliances$ 268 Million40.6
168GUANGDONG GREEN PRElectronic Production Equipment$ 267 Million11.4
169ZHONGHANG ELECTRONElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 267 Million15.7
170JINLONG MACHINERY&Electronic Components$ 264 Million-3.1
171WUHAN TIANYU INFORElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 258 Million-3.2
173SUZHOU HYC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 255 Million10.0
174SHENZHEN LONGOOD IElectronic Production Equipment$ 253 Million18.5
175VANJEE TECHNOLOGYElectronic Production Equipment$ 252 Million10.3
176SHENZHEN ABSEN OPTElectronic Production Equipment$ 250 Million-11.1
177MARSSENGER KITCHENElectronics/Appliances$ 245 Million37.2
178GUANGDONG KINGSHINElectronic Components$ 244 Million 
179GOODWE TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD.Electronic Equipment/Instruments$ 241 Million18.7
180SHENZHEN SUNWIN INElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 239 Million-9.0
181HANWANG TECHNOLOGYElectronics Distributors$ 236 Million6.0
182RED PHASE INCElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 230 Million3.9
183NETAC TECHNOLOGY CElectronic Production Equipment$ 228 Million7.3
184JIANG SU YIN HE ELElectronics/Appliance Stores$ 227 Million-0.5
185HEFEI MEYER OPTOELElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 227 Million24.1
186ZHEJIANG HANGKE TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED COMPANYElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 227 Million11.5
187WUHAN FINGU ELECTRElectronic Components$ 226 Million9.6
188GUANGDONG SHUNNA EElectronic Components$ 225 Million9.7
189DONGGUAN YUTONG OPElectronic Components$ 224 Million19.4
190HANGZHOU CENTURY CElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 223 Million2.9
191QITIAN TECHNOLOGYElectronic Components$ 223 Million-41.9
192ZHEJIANG JIEMEI ELElectronic Production Equipment$ 217 Million21.3
193BAFANG ELECTRIC(SUZHOU)CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 212 Million22.7
194ZHUZHOU HONGDA ELEElectronic Production Equipment$ 212 Million33.8
195SVG GROUP CO LTDElectronic Components$ 211 Million3.7
196SHENZHEN JIESHUN SElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 208 Million7.6
197SUZHOU JINFU TECHNElectronic Production Equipment$ 207 Million-1.5
198SOYEA TECHNOLOGYElectronics/Appliances$ 203 Million4.2
199GEO-JADE PETROLEUM CORPORATIONElectronics Distributors$ 202 Million3.5
200SHENZHEN ZHENGTONGElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 202 Million1.0
201CHANGCHUN ZHIYUANElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 200 Million65.6
202SHENZHEN JINGQUANHElectronic Components$ 200 Million0.7
203SHN SEG COElectronic Components$ 198 Million-0.7
204SUNSHINE GLOBAL CIElectronic Components$ 196 Million6.6
205SUZHOU ETRON TECHNOLOGIESElectronic Production Equipment$ 196 Million21.7
206UNION OPTECH CO LTElectronic Components$ 196 Million9.4
207SHENZHEN CLICK TECElectronic Components$ 195 Million5.4
208GUANGDONG CHAOHUAElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 194 Million9.1
209PHENIX OPTICS COMPANY LIMITEDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 194 Million4.6
210HEBEI SAILHERO ENVElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 189 Million4.3
211SHENZHEN REFOND OPElectronic Components$ 188 Million3.4
212BEIJING ASIACOM INElectronics Distributors$ 185 Million 
213GUANGDONG ZHENGYEElectronic Production Equipment$ 182 Million-20.7
214SUNTRONT TECHNOLOGElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 181 Million16.7
215GETTOP ACOUSTIC COElectronics/Appliances$ 179 Million13.9
216JONES TECH PLCElectronic Production Equipment$ 174 Million10.5
217BEIJING ORIENTAL JElectronics Distributors$ 172 Million11.8
218SUZHOU WANXIANG TEElectronic Production Equipment$ 169 Million24.9
219WAYS ELECTRONElectronic Production Equipment$ 168 Million5.9
220GALAXY BIOMEDICALElectronic Production Equipment$ 168 Million-150.7
221SHANGHAI YCT ELECTElectronics Distributors$ 168 Million17.7
222SUZHOU SONAVOX ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.Electronics/Appliances$ 166 Million11.8
223ZHEJIANG DALI TECHElectronic Production Equipment$ 166 Million15.2
224SHENZHEN JOVE ENTEElectronic Components$ 165 Million 
225CHENGDU RAINBOW APElectronics/Appliances$ 161 Million11.4
226HENGBAO CO. LTD.Electronic Equipment/Instruments$ 160 Million-0.5
227ZHEJIANG YONGGUI EElectronic Components$ 159 Million6.0
228INVENTRONICS (HANGElectronic Production Equipment$ 159 Million19.7
229XI’AN MANARECO NEW MATERIALS CO LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 159 Million8.1
230SINENG ELECTRIC COElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 153 Million7.8
231HUNAN ZHONGKE ELECElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 147 Million13.9
232SUZHOU TZTEK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 147 Million7.6
233SHENZHEN EVERBESTElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 146 Million14.7
234DONGGUAN TARRY ELEElectronic Production Equipment$ 146 Million 
235MAXVISION TECHNOLOElectronic Production Equipment$ 142 Million12.2
236JIANGSU SKYRAY INSElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 142 Million0.1
237HANGZHOU STAR SHUAElectronic Components$ 141 Million13.9
238SHENGLAN TECHNOLOGElectronic Components$ 139 Million12.0
239SHANGHAI HOLYSTAR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 138 Million12.6
240RISUNTEK INCElectronics/Appliances$ 138 Million1.6
241CHANGSHU TIANYIN EElectronic Components$ 137 Million8.3
242SHANGHAI BROADBAND TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 136 Million4.5
243SHENZHEN BESTEK TEElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 135 Million14.0
244UNI-TREND TECHNOLOGY(CHINA)CO.,LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 134 Million15.8
245NO.15 XINKE ROAD,XINBEI DISTRICT,CHANGZHOU, JIANGSUElectronic Components$ 134 Million 
246JIANGSU LUOKAI MECHANICAL AND ELECTElectronic Components$ 134 Million9.1
247HG TECHNOLOGIES COElectronics/Appliances$ 133 Million9.4
248QINGDAO EASTSOFT CElectronic Components$ 133 Million5.2
249SHENZHEN JPT OPTO-ELECTRONICSElectronic Components$ 130 Million3.9
250WINDSUNSCIENCE&TECHNOLOGYCO.,LTD.Electronic Production Equipment$ 128 Million 
251ANHUI TONGFENG ELECTRONICS COMPANY LIMITEDElectronic Components$ 128 Million3.2
252SUPLET POWER CO LTElectronic Production Equipment$ 128 Million28.5
253FUMAN MICROELECTROElectronic Production Equipment$ 128 Million42.0
254NANJING SCIYON WISElectronic Components$ 127 Million3.8
255SHENZHEN BREO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 126 Million 
256SHENZHEN AV-DISPLAElectronic Production Equipment$ 125 Million13.4
257JIANGSU OLIVE SENSElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 124 Million7.9
258HANGZHOU CHANG CHUElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 122 Million13.6
259DIANGUANG EXPLOSIOElectronic Production Equipment$ 122 Million6.2
260HANGZHOU HUAXING CElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 121 Million-33.7
261SHENZHEN TVT DIGITElectronic Production Equipment$ 119 Million7.3
262SHENZHEN SEA STARElectronic Production Equipment$ 119 Million1.6
263BROADEX TECHNOLOGIElectronic Production Equipment$ 118 Million13.5
264LIHE TECHNOLOGY (HElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 117 Million14.0
265BEIJING BEETECH INElectronic Production Equipment$ 117 Million6.1
266SHENZHEN SINEXCELElectronic Production Equipment$ 117 Million15.1
267GUANGDONG TONZE ELElectronics/Appliances$ 112 Million16.7
268SHENZHEN MAXONICElectronic Production Equipment$ 111 Million10.3
269PUYA SEMICONDUCTOR(SHANGHAI)CO., LTDElectronics Distributors$ 110 Million28.5
270ANHUI LANDUN PHOTOElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 108 Million8.4
271ZHEJIANG ENTIVE SMElectronics/Appliances$ 108 Million27.0
272ZHEJIANG SANFER ELECTRIC CO.,LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 108 Million14.7
273SHENZHEN CRASTAL TElectronics/Appliances$ 106 Million15.5
274BEIJING ARITIME INTELLIGENT CONTROLElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 105 Million5.0
275S/Z ZHONGHENG HUAFElectronics/Appliances$ 105 Million3.0
276SIHUI FUJI ELECTROElectronic Components$ 99 Million18.8
277CHANGSHA JINGJIA MElectronic Production Equipment$ 99 Million11.9
278BEIJINGBAYI SPACE LCD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Electronic Production Equipment$ 98 Million11.9
279SUZHOU HENGMINGDAElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 98 Million0.3
280VTRON GROUP CO LTDElectronic Production Equipment$ 97 Million-8.4
281HENAN SPLENDOR SCIElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 96 Million7.3
282TKD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Electronic Production Equipment$ 96 Million17.0
283JIANGSU XIEHE ELECTRONIC CO.,LTDElectronic Components$ 94 Million11.1
284HANGZHOU SHENHAO TElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 93 Million9.9
285SHENZHEN HUI CHUANElectronic Production Equipment$ 93 Million 
286WG TECH(JIANGXI)CO., LTDElectronic Components$ 91 Million-0.5
287FUJIAN FORECAM OPTICS CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 89 Million2.7
288ANHUI HUAQI ENVIROElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 89 Million11.3
289SHENZHEN KING BROTElectronic Components$ 88 Million 
290SHENZHEN NEOWAY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Electronics Distributors$ 87 Million-5.2
291FUJIAN NEBULA ELECElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 87 Million9.6
292NINGBO YONGXIN OPTICSElectronic Components$ 87 Million21.6
293NANJING XINLIAN ELElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 87 Million5.7
2943PEAK INCORPORATEDElectronic Production Equipment$ 86 Million12.1
295GUANGDONG TECSUN SElectronic Production Equipment$ 85 Million9.6
296SINOMAG TECHNOLOGYElectronic Production Equipment$ 85 Million15.2
297BGRIMM TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Electronic Equipment/Instruments$ 82 Million9.0
298CASTECH INCElectronic Components$ 82 Million16.3
299UROICA PRECISION IElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 81 Million13.4
300KYLAND TECHNOLOGYElectronics Distributors$ 81 Million-72.1
301SHANGHAI LAIMU ELECTRONICS CO.,LTDElectronic Production Equipment$ 80 Million4.7
302AURORA OPTOELECTRONICS CO.,LTDElectronic Production Equipment$ 78 Million-229.2
303NINGBO JIANAN ELECElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 77 Million15.3
304ADVANCED FIBER RESElectronic Components$ 74 Million10.3
305JUTZE INTELLIGENTElectronic Components$ 73 Million10.5
306SHENZHEN HEMEI GROElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 71 Million 
307YES OPTOELECTRONIElectronic Production Equipment$ 70 Million6.0
308BEIJING YUPONT ELECTRIC POWER TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Electronic Equipment/Instruments$ 70 Million 
309TIANJIN PRINTRONICElectronic Components$ 69 Million1.5
310HANGZHOU XILI INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGYElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 69 Million 
311SHENZHEN XUNJIEXING TECHNOLOGY CORP. LTDElectronic Components$ 68 Million15.9
312GUOGUANG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.CHENGDUElectronics/Appliances$ 68 Million17.9
313WUXI NEW HONGTAI ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDElectronic Production Equipment$ 67 Million7.1
314CHANGCHUN UP OPTOTElectronic Components$ 67 Million7.5
315ZHEJIANG LANTE OPTICS CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 66 Million11.9
316JIANGSU ALLFAVOR IElectronic Components$ 66 Million 
317KINCO AUTOMATION(SHANGHAI)CO., LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 66 Million16.5
318BEIJING HANBANG TEElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 65 Million-2.3
319HUIZHONG INSTRUMENElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 64 Million16.3
320SICHUAN INJET ELECElectronic Production Equipment$ 64 Million14.6
321ANHUI WANYI SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 63 Million7.9
322XIAMEN LEADING OPTICSElectronic Components$ 63 Million13.4
323ACTIONS TECHNOLOGYElectronics/Appliances$ 63 Million6.9
324SHENZHEN SINE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.Electronic Production Equipment$ 61 Million17.2
325GUANGDONG FAILONGElectronic Components$ 59 Million17.0
326CHIPSEA TECHNOLOGIES (SHENZHEN) CORP., LTD.Electronic Production Equipment$ 55 Million12.6
327ZHEJIANG HEDA TECHNOLOGYElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 55 Million 
328FOCUSLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INCElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 55 Million6.6
329DONGGUAN DINGTONG PRECISION METAL CO.,LTD.Electronic Components$ 54 Million18.8
330WISESOFT CO LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 54 Million4.8
331SANSHENG INTELLECTElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 54 Million-33.9
332SHINRY TECHNOLOGIEElectronic Production Equipment$ 54 Million-13.5
333SHENZHEN YANMADE TECHNOLOGY INC.Electronic Production Equipment$ 53 Million10.5
334SHENZHEN CHENGTIANElectronic Production Equipment$ 53 Million1.5
335BEIJING LABTECH INSTRUMENTSElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 53 Million11.0
336CHENGDU RML TECHNOElectronic Production Equipment$ 52 Million27.1
337CARERAY DIGITAL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGYElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 52 Million15.6
338SUZHOU SHIHUA NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGYElectronic Production Equipment$ 50 Million15.8
339CHENGDU ZHIMINGDA ELECTRONICS CO LTElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 50 Million 
340SHANGHAI HUAHONGJTElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 49 Million1.6
341JIANGXI HENGDA HI-Electronic Production Equipment$ 48 Million-49.6
342NANHUA INSTRUMENTSElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 47 Million4.9
343GL TECH CO LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 47 Million9.5
344SHANGHAI W-IBEDA HIGH TECH.GROUPElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 46 Million 
345SHANGHAI GUAO ELECElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 44 Million1.6
346BEIJING CONST INSTElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 44 Million7.8
347CHONGQING MASSCIElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 43 Million4.4
348NETPOSA TECHNOLOGIElectronics Distributors$ 42 Million-1442.1
349QINGDAO NOVELBEAM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Electronic Components$ 42 Million16.6
350OPTOWIDE TECHNOLOGIESElectronic Components$ 41 Million 
351TIANJIN JIEQIANG PElectronic Production Equipment$ 41 Million4.4
352HIVI ACOUSTICS TECElectronics/Appliances$ 40 Million7.6
353SHANGHAI AOHUA PHOTOELECTRICITY ENDOSCOPEElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 40 Million3.5
354ZJ EAST CRYSTAL ELElectronic Components$ 40 Million8.4
355SHENZHEN DVISIONElectronics/Appliances$ 38 Million-36.5
356JIANGSU BOXIN INVESTING & HOLDINGSElectronics/Appliances$ 37 Million 
357HANGZHOU KELIN ELECTRIC CO LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 36 Million36.1
358SHANGHAI HOLLYWAVE ELECTRONIC SYSTEM CO.,LTD.Electronic Production Equipment$ 35 Million 
359XDC INDUSTRIES (SHElectronic Production Equipment$ 34 Million1.8
360SHENZHEN HUAKONG SElectronic Components$ 33 Million-34.7
361SINOSUN TECHNOLOGYElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 32 Million-5.0
362SMS ELECTRIC CO LTElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 32 Million2.8
363HEFEI GOCOM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Electronic Equipment/Instruments$ 32 Million 
364DONGHUA TESTING TEElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 31 Million19.3
365ZHEJIANG TAILIN BIElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 30 Million12.7
366WUHAN GOLDEN LASERElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 30 Million-31.4
367SHENZHEN GEOWAYElectronic Production Equipment$ 29 Million 
368GZ KINGTELLER TECHElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 27 Million-4.2
369HANGZHOU JIZHI MECElectronic Production Equipment$ 25 Million7.5
370HEFEI KEWELL POWER SYSTEM CO., LTDElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 24 Million7.3
371SHENZHEN SUCCESS EElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 21 Million-8.8
372PRIMARIUS TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTDElectronic Components$ 21 Million5.5
373JIANGXI EVERBRIGHTElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 18 Million 
374SHANGHAI WELLTECHElectronic Equipment/Instruments$ 12 Million2.8
375XINJIANG BAI HUA CUN PHARMA TECH CO.,LTDElectronics Distributors$ 12 Million-28.4
376SHENZHEN DANBONDElectronic Components$ 6 Million-75.3
377BUS ONLINE CO LTDElectronics/Appliances$ 2 Million 
378XIAMEN OVERSEAS CHINESE ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.Electronics/Appliances$ 1 Million17.2
379NINGBO SUNLIGHT ELElectronics/Appliances$ 1 Million-235.2
List of Top Electronics companies in china

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