List of 37 Food and Beverage Companies in Vietnam

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MASAN GROUP CORPORATION is the largest Food and Beverage Company in Vietnam with the Total Sales of $ 3,345 Million followed by VIET NAM DAIRY PRODUCTS JOINT STOCK.

List of Food and Beverage Companies in Vietnam

so here is the list of Food and Beverage Companies in Vietnam which are sorted out based on the total Revenue (sales).

S.NOCompanies in VietnamSector | IndustryTotal Revenue (FY)EmployeesReturn on EquityDebt to Equity RatioOperating Margin Stock Symbol
1MASAN GROUP CORPORATIONFood: Specialty/Candy$ 3,345 Million37285 11%1.9 6%MSN
2VIET NAM DAIRY PRODUCTS JOINT STOCK COMPANYFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 2,584 Million9361 31%0.3 19%VNM
3MASAN CONSUMER CORPORATIONFood: Major Diversified$ 1,011 Million 35%0.5MCH
4MINH PHU SEAFOOD CORPFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 621 Million13038 14%0.7 5%MPC
5KIDO GROUP CORPORATIONFood: Specialty/Candy$ 361 Million3232 8%0.5 5%KDC
6VINH HOAN CORPORATIONFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 305 Million 14%0.3 10%VHC
8SAO TA FOODS JOINT STOCK COMPANYFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 191 Million4036 21%0.5 5%FMC
9NAM VIET CORPORATIONFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 149 Million 7%0.9 6%ANV
11CA MAU GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANYFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 62 Million918 11%0.7 7%CMX
12HAI HA CONFECTIONAFood: Specialty/Candy$ 61 Million 8%1.0 1%HHC
13BIBICA CORPORATIONFood: Specialty/Candy$ 53 Million1112 4%0.0 4%BBC
14NAFOODS GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANYFood: Specialty/Candy$ 52 Million 10%0.7 7%NAF
15KIEN HUNG JSCFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 51 Million 26%1.2 6%KHS
16SAFOCO FOODSTUFF JFood: Specialty/Candy$ 47 Million 35%0.0 6%SAF
17OCEAN GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY.Food Retail$ 39 Million1139 20%0.1 10%OGC
18HALONG CANNED FOODFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 32 Million 19%1.0 4%CAN
19AN GIANG FISHERIESFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 30 Million1906– 416%-7.9AGF
20TRANG CORPORATIONFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 29 Million 1%1.7 2%TFC
21BAO NGOC INVESTMENFood: Specialty/Candy$ 26 Million 33%0.9 7%BNA
22BAC LIEU FISHERIESFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 23 Million– 4%1.3 0%BLF
24LONG AN FOOD PROCESSING EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANYFood: Specialty/Candy$ 18 Million166 26%0.6 12%LAF
25SUNSTAR INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANYFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 16 Million 1%0.2 3%SJF
26SEAFOOD JOINT STOCK CO NO.4Food: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 15 Million56– 15%5.5– 3%TS4
28SA GIANG IMPORTFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 13 Million521 18%0.2 8%SGC
29EGO VIETNAM INVESTFood: Major Diversified$ 9 Million– 4%0.0– 7%HKT
30FOREIGN TRADE DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENTFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 8 Million224 4%0.0– 1%FDC
31CHUONG DUONG BEVERAGES JOINT STOCK COMPANYBeverages: Non-Alcoholic$ 7 Million268– 18%1.1– 14%SCD
32MEKONG FISHERIES JOINT STOCK COMPANYFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 5 Million329– 6%0.0– 17%AAM
33VIETNAM NATL GENERAL EXP-IMP JSC 1Food Distributors$ 5 Million161-2.8 7%TH1
34MINH KHANG CAPITALFood: Specialty/Candy$ 5 Million 0%0.0 1%CTP
35INVESTMENT COMMERCE FISHERIEFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 4 Million– 6%0.5ICF
36SAIGON SEAPRODUCTS IMPORT EXPORT JSFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 2 Million120.0– 9%SSN
37NGO QUYEN PROCESSING EXPORTFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy$ 1 Million126-7.7 1%NGC
Food and Beverage Companies in Vietnam (List)

Top Food and Beverage Companies in Vietnam

So here is the list of top Food and Beverage Companies in Vietnam.

Masan Group Corporation

Masan Group Corporation was incorporated in November 2004 under the name Ma San Shipping Corporation. The company officially changed name to Ma San Group Corporation in August 2009 and were successfully listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange on 5 November 2009.

The company name was formally changed to Masan Group Corporation in July 2015 in order to be consistent with our corporate brand and practice. While the listed entity was formally incorporated in 2004, Masan, through our majority shareholder and our underlying operating businesses and their predecessor companies, has been in existence as a business group since 1996.

The company is a holding company with controlling economic interests in The CrownX, Masan MEATLife (“MML”) and Masan High-Tech Materials (“MSR”), representing an economic interest of 84.93%, 78.74% and 86.39% respectively, as of 30 June 2021. The CrownX is Masan’s integrated consumer retail arm that consolidates its interests in Masan Consumer Holdings and VCM Services and Trading Development JSC. Our consolidated ownership percentage of Techcombank’s charter capital is 20% as of 30 June 2021.


Vinamilk is currently operating four dairy companies, namely Vietnam Dairy Cow One-Member Company Limited (“Vietnam Dairy Cow”) (holding 100% of charter capital), Thong Nhat Thanh Hoa Dairy Cow One-Member Company Limited (“Thong Nhat Thanh Hoa Dairy Cow”) (holding 100% of charter capital), Lao-Jagro Development XiengKhouang Company Limited (“Lao-Jagro”) (holding 85.54% of charter capital) and Moc Chau Dairy Cattle Breeding Joint Stock Company (“Moc Chau Milk”) (holding 47.11% of voting rights).

The main activities of these companies are to build, operate, manage and develop a system of dairy farms in Vietnam and Laos.

As of December 31, 2021, in Vietnam, Vinamilk has a total of 14 dairy farms with a total herd of more than 160,000 cow heads. In particular, Vietnam Dairy Cow manages 11 farms with a total herd of 26,000 cow heads and Thong Nhat Thanh Hoa Dairy Cow manages two farms with 8,000 cow heads.

Lao-Jagro Company is building the first farm complex for Phase I with a total scale of 24,000 cow heads. Moc Chau Milk currently owns more than 2,000 dairy cows on its farms and 25,000 cows under the care of 600 dairy farmers and three main breeding centers. In addition, Lao-Jagro company is building the first farm complex of phase I with a total scale of 24,000 animals, expected to come into operation in 2023.

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