List of Top Companies in Denmark 2022

Last updated on September 8th, 2022 at 09:06 am

Here you can find the list of Top Companies in Denmark based on the total sales (Revenue) in the recent year.

List of Top Companies in Denmark

So here is the List of Top Companies in Denmark which are sorted out based on the sales in the past year.

S.NODescriptionTotal SalesSectorReturn on Equity Debt to Equity RatioStock SymbolNumber of Employees
1A.P. MOLLER – MAERSK A A/S$ 42,723 MillionMarine Shipping38.20.4MAERSK_A
2DANSKE BANK A/S$ 22,477 MillionMajor Banks6.38.2DANSKE22376
3NOVO NORDISK B A/S$ 20,867 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major73.50.2NOVO_B45323
4DSV A/S$ 18,953 MillionTrucking15.00.5DSV56621
5VESTAS WIND SYSTEMS A/S$ 18,159 MillionElectrical Products17.70.3VWS29378
6ISS A/S$ 11,477 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services-32.42.6ISS378946
7CARLSBERG A A/S$ 9,623 MillionBeverages: Alcoholic15.60.7CARL_A
8ORSTED A/S$ 6,099 MillionAlternative Power Generation11.11.3ORSTED6179
9TRYG A/S$ 3,707 MillionInsurance Brokers/Services9.30.1TRYG4400
10TOPDANMARK A/S$ 3,604 MillionMulti-Line Insurance32.00.2TOP
11SCHOUW & CO. A/S$ 3,497 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling10.30.3SCHO
12ROCKWOOL INTERNATIONAL A A/S$ 3,188 MillionConstruction Materials14.10.0ROCK_A11448
13PANDORA A/S$ 3,125 MillionOther Consumer Specialties62.30.6PNDORA26000
14COLOPLAST B A/S$ 3,025 MillionMedical Specialties62.00.3COLO_B12874
15H. LUNDBECK A/S$ 2,905 MillionPharmaceuticals: Other11.40.3LUN5628
16D/S NORDEN$ 2,792 MillionMarine Shipping9.81.3DNORD
17FLSMIDTH & CO. A/S$ 2,703 MillionConstruction Materials3.40.1FLS10639
18DEMANT A/S$ 2,380 MillionMedical Specialties28.61.4DEMANT16591
19NOVOZYMES B A/S$ 2,303 MillionBiotechnology28.40.5NZYM_B6185
20DFDS A/S$ 2,297 MillionMarine Shipping7.51.2DFDS
21PER AARSLEFF HOLDING A/S B$ 2,288 MillionFinance/Rental/Leasing13.60.2PAAL_B7658
22GN STORE NORD A/S$ 2,207 MillionTelecommunications Equipment35.01.1GN6525
23JYSKE BANK A/S$ 2,087 MillionRegional Banks9.013.3JYSK
24SOLAR B A/S$ 1,885 MillionElectronics Distributors19.60.4SOLAR_B2864
25NKT A/S$ 1,802 MillionElectrical Products-3.10.4NKT
26GENMAB A/S$ 1,662 MillionMedical Specialties14.50.0GMAB781
27SCANDINAVIAN TOBACCO GROUP A/S$ 1,316 MillionTobacco13.00.4STG
28CHR. HANSEN HOLDING A/S$ 1,272 MillionBiotechnology15.80.6CHR
29ROYAL UNIBREW A/S$ 1,242 MillionBeverages: Alcoholic39.01.1RBREW
30THE DRILLING COMPANY OF 1972 A/S$ 1,178 MillionContract Drilling-4.20.6DRLCO
31ALM. BRAND A/S$ 1,126 MillionMulti-Line Insurance13.40.1ALMB
32NILFISK HOLDING A/S$ 1,021 MillionIndustrial Machinery22.22.0NLFSK4339
33MT HOJGAARD HOLDING A/S$ 978 MillionHomebuilding15.21.7MTHH
34BACTIQUANT A/S$ 901 MillionAerospace & Defense0.0BACTIQ
35NTG NORDIC TRANSPORT GROUP A/S$ 877 MillionTrucking69.11.7NTG1492
36TORM PLC A$ 801 MillionMarine Shipping-6.91.0TRMD_A457
37SYDBANK A/S$ 762 MillionRegional Banks9.92.4SYDB2286
38OSSUR HF$ 677 MillionMedical Specialties8.40.8OSSR3385
39MATAS A/S$ 658 MillionSpecialty Stores8.90.6MATAS2152
40AMBU A/S$ 625 MillionMedical Specialties7.80.2AMBU_B4584
41SPAR NORD BANK A/S$ 592 MillionRegional Banks12.21.0SPNO1545
42HUSCOMPAGNIET A/S$ 592 MillionHomebuilding8.70.4HUSCO
43ALK-ABELLO B A/S$ 574 MillionBiotechnology1.70.2ALK_B2447
44SIMCORP A/S$ 559 MillionInformation Technology Services40.60.1SIM1901
45SANISTAL A/S$ 534 MillionWholesale Distributors0.81.1SANI939
46NETCOMPANY GROUP A/S$ 467 MillionInformation Technology Services16.40.3NETC
47NNIT A/S$ 465 MillionInformation Technology Services0.80.7NNIT3083
48H+H INTERNATIONAL A/S$ 436 MillionConstruction Materials19.00.5HH
49BANG & OLUFSEN A/S$ 433 MillionElectronics/Appliances2.40.2BO947
50BRDR.HARTMANN A/S$ 422 MillionContainers/Packaging22.20.7HART
51RINGKJOBING LANDBOBANK A/S$ 388 MillionRegional Banks13.80.8RILBA612
52SP GROUP A/S$ 358 MillionIndustrial Specialties18.8SPG2260
53FLUGGER GROUP A/S B$ 350 MillionIndustrial Specialties16.40.6FLUG_B
54UNITED INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES LTD$ 345 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling23.80.0UIE6103
55BAVARIAN NORDIC A/S$ 302 MillionBiotechnology-13.40.2BAVA690
56COLUMBUS A/S$ 272 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services8.60.3COLUM
57KOBENHAVNS LUFTHAVNE A/S$ 259 MillionOther Transportation-33.33.4KBHL2617
58JEUDAN A/S$ 252 MillionReal Estate Development16.52.1JDAN
59HARBOES BRYGGERI B A/S$ 215 MillionBeverages: Alcoholic0.20.2HARB_B517
60SPAREKASSEN SJAELLAND-FYN A/S$ 198 MillionRegional Banks12.30.7SPKSJF
61NORTH MEDIA A/S$ 172 MillionPublishing: Newspapers32.70.1NORTHM
62TCM GROUP A/S$ 168 MillionHome Furnishings24.60.5TCM
63LAN OG SPAR BANK A/S$ 166 MillionRegional Banks8.70.1LASP
64VESTJYSK BANK A/S$ 150 MillionRegional Banks23.20.4VJBA
65GYLDENDAL A A/S$ 148 MillionPublishing: Books/Magazines0.80.2GYLD_A
66TRIFORK HOLDING AG$ 141 MillionPackaged Software1.0TRIFOR828
67GABRIEL HOLDING A/S$ 126 MillionTextiles15.30.9GABR1207
68DANSKE ANDELSKASSERS BANK A/S$ 101 MillionRegional Banks9.30.3DAB
69PARKEN SPORT & ENTERTAINMENT A/S$ 89 MillionRecreational Products-3.82.0PARKEN
70BANKNORDIK P/F$ 81 MillionRegional Banks0.5BNORDIK_CSE352
71TIVOLI A/S$ 79 MillionMovies/Entertainment-11.60.5TIV
73RTX A/S$ 71 MillionTelecommunications Equipment1.10.2RTX280
74SKJERN BANK A/S$ 66 MillionRegional Banks13.10.4SKJE172
75DJURSLANDS BANK A/S$ 63 MillionRegional Banks8.10.1DJUR200
76ZEALAND PHARMA A/S$ 58 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major-80.60.1ZEAL329
77SKAKO A/S$ 55 MillionTrucks/Construction/Farm Machinery6.70.5SKAKO
78GRONLANDSBANKEN A/S$ 51 MillionRegional Banks10.40.0GRLA
79RIAS B A/S$ 48 MillionWholesale Distributors7.30.1RIAS_B105
80FYNSKE BANK A/S$ 46 MillionMajor Banks5.30.2FYNBK169
81JOBINDEX A/S$ 46 MillionInternet Software/ServicesJOBNDX
82NORDIC SHIPHOLDING A/S$ 45 MillionMarine ShippingNORDIC
83CHEMOMETEC A/S$ 45 MillionElectronic Equipment/Instruments37.80.0CHEMM128
84ROBLON B A/S$ 40 MillionElectrical Products-14.20.1RBLN_B
85NORDFYNS BANK A/S$ 36 MillionRegional Banks14.10.5NRDF112.8
86LOLLANDS BANK A/S$ 35 MillionRegional Banks11.40.1LOLB
87WINDOWMASTER INTERNATIONAL A/S$ 31 MillionWholesale Distributors0.01.2WMA
88KREDITBANKEN A/S$ 30 MillionRegional Banks14.00.0KRE
89BRD. KLEE B A/S$ 30 MillionWholesale Distributors16.70.1KLEE_B74
90PRIME OFFICE A/S$ 29 MillionReal Estate Development14.81.0PRIMOF
91MONS BANK A/S$ 29 MillionRegional Banks9.40.4MNBA
92PARK STREET A/S A$ 28 MillionReal Estate Development15.31.2PARKST_A
93TOTALBANKEN A/S$ 28 MillionRegional Banks9.10.4TOTA
94AGAT EJENDOMME A/S$ 26 MillionReal Estate Development-11.12.0AGAT19
95AGF A/S B$ 23 MillionRecreational Products31.40.0AGF_B
96GLUNZ & JENSEN HOLDING A/S$ 22 MillionIndustrial Machinery12.61.1GJ99
97CBRAIN A/S$ 20 MillionInformation Technology Services18.30.4CBRAIN
98BRONDBYERNES IF FODBOLD A/S$ 19 MillionMovies/Entertainment-24.20.0BIF
99INTERMAIL A/S$ 18 MillionOffice Equipment/Supplies-11.06.1IMAIL72
100SILKEBORG IF INVEST A/S$ 14 MillionRecreational Products7.71.5SIF
101HVIDBJERG BANK A/S$ 14 MillionMajor Banks11.70.3HVID
102NTR HOLDING B A/S$ 12 MillionEngineering & Construction6.30.0NTR_B
103LUXOR B A/S$ 12 MillionFinancial Conglomerates15.81.2LUXOR_B
104FAST EJENDOM DANMARK A/S$ 11 MillionReal Estate Development16.91.4FED
105ASTRALIS A/S$ 8 MillionMovies/Entertainment-37.70.0ASTRLS43
106AGILLIC A/S$ 8 MillionPackaged Software-1062.411.3AGILC53
107GERMAN HIGH STREET PROPERTIES A/S$ 7 MillionReal Estate Development7.50.7GERHSP2
108AALBORG BOLDSPILKLUB A/S$ 7 MillionMovies/Entertainment-2.50.1AAB
109COPENHAGEN CAPITAL A/S STAM$ 6 MillionFinancial Conglomerates24.01.2CPHCAP_ST
110PENNEO A/S$ 6 MillionPackaged Software-41.90.4PENNEO82
111ORDERYOYO A/S$ 6 MillionInternet RetailYOYO
112GREENMOBILITY A/S$ 6 MillionFinance/Rental/Leasing-238.32.0GREENM
113TROPHY GAMES DEVELOPMENT A/S$ 5 MillionPackaged Software47.60.0TGAMES
114SAMESYSTEM A/S$ 5 MillionPackaged Software27.90.2SAME79
115RE-MATCH HOLDING A/S$ 5 MillionEnvironmental Services-481.3RMATCH
116WIRTEK A/S$ 5 MillionInformation Technology Services93.60.1WIRTEK
117ROVSING A/S$ 4 MillionInformation Technology Services-32.40.9ROV25
118DANTAX A/S$ 4 MillionWholesale Distributors28.30.0DANT
119MAPSPEOPLE A/S$ 4 MillionPackaged Software0.3MAPS
120ENALYZER A/S$ 4 MillionInternet Software/Services0.0ENALYZ
121BIOPORTO A/S$ 4 MillionMedical Specialties-131.50.2BIOPOR
122DANISH AEROSPACE COMPANY A/S$ 4 MillionAerospace & Defense-0.40.3DAC
123DONKEYREPUBLIC HOLDING A/S$ 4 MillionMovies/Entertainment-171.00.2DONKEY
124ERRIA A/S$ 3 MillionMarine ShippingERRIA
125CEMAT A/S$ 3 MillionReal Estate Development13.90.1CEMAT25
126DATAPROCES GROUP A/S$ 2 MillionInformation Technology Services-62.20.3DATA
127RISMA SYSTEMS A/S$ 2 MillionInternet Software/Services0.0RISMA
128STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS A/S$ 2 MillionInvestment Trusts/Mutual Funds37.10.3STRINV
129ODICO A/S$ 2 MillionIndustrial Machinery-24.00.1ODICO38
130GREEN HYDROGEN SYSTEMS A/S$ 2 MillionIndustrial Machinery0.1GREENH
131MONSENSO A/S$ 1 MillionInternet Software/Services-32.50.0MONSO19
132HAPPY HELPER A/S$ 1 MillionInternet Software/Services-29.10.7HAPPY13
133KONSOLIDATOR A/S$ 1 MillionPackaged Software-103.92.1KONSOL35
134LED IBOND INTERNATIONAL A/S$ 1 MillionElectrical Products0.1LEDIBOND
135NEXCOM A/S$ 1 MillionPackaged Software0.6NEXCOM
136FOM TECHNOLOGIES A/S$ 1 MillionIndustrial Machinery-39.60.0FOM
137SELUXIT A/S$ 1 MillionPackaged Software-9.60.4SLXIT
138SHAPE ROBOTICS A/S$ 1 MillionIndustrial Machinery-51.50.0SHAPE18
139COPYRIGHT AGENT A/S$ 1 MillionInformation Technology Services-161.9COPY
140AQUAPORIN A/S$ 1 MillionIndustrial Machinery-90.90.2AQP
141VIROGATES A/S$ 1 MillionMedical Specialties-64.30.0VIRO14
142IMPERO A/S$ 1 MillionPackaged Software-125.00.0IMPERO13000
143HYPEFACTORS A/S$ 1 MillionPackaged Software-860.3HYPE
144MDUNDO.COM A/S$ 0 MillionInternet Software/Services-24.10.0MDUNDO
145FASTPASSCORP A/S$ 0 MillionInformation Technology Services-37.00.0FASTPC
146NORD.INVESTMENTS A/S$ 0 MillionInvestment Managers-71.10.0NORD12
147SMALL CAP DANMARK A/S$ 0 MillionFinancial Conglomerates-2.10.0SCD
148SPENN TECHNOLOGY A/S$ 0 MillionInvestment Banks/Brokers-41.60.0SPENN3
149SCAPE TECHNOLOGIES A/S$ 0 MillionPackaged Software-763.20.3SCAPE23
150STENOCARE A/S$ 0 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling-23.30.0STENO
151CONFERIZE A/S$ 0 MillionPackaged Software-50.60.0CONFRZ
List of Top Companies in Denmark

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