List of Top Companies in Belgium 2022

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Here you can find the List of Top Companies in Belgium which are sorted out based on the Revenue. The total revenue of there top companies is more than $100 billion and the number 1 company has a revenue of more than $50 billion and there a huge gap between number 1 company and number 2. here is the list

List of Top 8 Companies in Belgium

So here is the List of Top 8 Companies in Belgium which are sorted out based on the Revenue.

8. Sofina

  • Revenue: $216 million

Founded more than 120 years ago as an engineering conglomerate, Sofina is now a listed investment company with equity holdings in Europe, the United States and Asia, and across many sectors with a particular focus on consumer and retail, digital transformation, education and healthcare.

7. UCB

  • Revenue: $5,500 million

A global biopharma company, focusing on neurology and immunology. The company Total revenue grew to €5.3 billion in 2020. The company has more than 7,600 people in all four corners of the globe, inspired by patients and driven by science.

6. Colruyt

  • Revenue: $10,800 million

Colruyt, a family company from Lembeek in Flemish Brabant, first appeared about 80 years ago. Today, the company has grown from a small company into a whole family of companies: Colruyt Group.

Colruyt Group consists of over forty brands for individuals and businesses. The company is most famous for food retailing, but the company also active in non-food and fuel, wholesale and foodservice.

5. Ageas group

  • Revenue: $12,400 million

Ageas, a leading partner in Insurance Wherever Ageas operates around the world it does so with an important goal in mind: to provide customers with peace of mind when they need it most.

As an insurer and “Supporter of your life” the company role is to help customers at every stage of their life to mitigate risks related to property, casualty, life and pensions.

The company is the No. 1 player in the Life insurance market and No. 2 in Non-Life, AG Insurance is the clear market leader in the Belgian insurance market. Almost 1 out of 2 Belgian households are customers of AG Insurance.

Products are tailored to the needs of individuals and companies through distinct market segments that include: Life Retail and SME, Employee Benefits and Non-Life. Our 3 million customers have access to a full range of insurance products through over 4,000 independent brokers as well as the branches of bancassurance distribution partners, BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro and bpost bank/bpost banque.

Through its subsidiary AG Real Estate, the group manages a diversified portfolio of real estate assets valued at around EUR 5.5 billion, making it the largest private real estate group in Belgium.

4. Solvay

  • Revenue: $12,600 million

Solvay is a science company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life. The company bond with customers and partners to address today and tomorrow’s megatrends.

As a global leader in Materials, Chemicals and Solutions, Solvay brings advancements in planes, cars, batteries, smart and medical devices, water and air treatment, to solve critical industrial, social and environmental challenges. 

3. KBC Group

  • Revenue: $14,900 million

KBC Group was Formed in 1998 after the merger of two Belgian banks (Kredietbank and CERA Bank) and a Belgian insurance company (ABB Insurance). The company Principal activity include integrated bank-insurance and has Clients of 12 million.

The Company Core markets: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ireland. Also present, to a limited extent, in other countries. Network: ca. 1 300 bank branches, insurance sales via own agents and other channels, various electronic channels. The company has a Employees of 41 000.

1Anheuser-Busch InBev$52,300
3KBC Group$14,900
List of Top 8 Companies in Belgium 2021

2. Umicore

  • Revenue: $19,600 million

Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group. The company reduce harmful emissions, power the vehicles and technologies of the future, and give new life to used metals.

The company materials and services provide tomorrow’s sustainable solutions for clean mobility and recycling. The company is unique in offering material technology for all vehicle platform types and in offering an efficient and environmentally sound closed loop solution.

1. Anheuser-Busch InBev

  • Revenue: $52,300 million

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the largest company in Belgium by revenue and the market capital. so here is the final List of top companies in Belgium based on the turnover revenue.

List of Top Companies in Belgium

So here is the full list of Top Companies in Belgium which are sorted out based on the Total sales (Revenue).

S.NOCompany (Belgium)Total SalesSector (Belgium)
1AB INBEV$ 50,318 MillionBeverages: Alcoholic
2UMICORE$ 25,340 MillionOther Metals/Minerals
3KBC GROEP NV$ 14,643 MillionRegional Banks
4SOLVAY$ 11,886 MillionChemicals: Specialty
5AGEAS$ 11,805 MillionMulti-Line Insurance
6COLRUYT$ 11,672 MillionFood Retail
7GBL$ 7,808 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
8PROXIMUS$ 6,660 MillionMajor Telecommunications
9UCB$ 6,542 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
10GREENYARD$ 5,190 MillionFood: Major Diversified
11BPOST$ 5,035 MillionMiscellaneous Commercial Services
12ACKERMANS V.HAAREN$ 4,784 MillionEngineering & Construction
13BEKAERT$ 4,616 MillionMetal Fabrication
14D’IETEREN GROUP$ 4,060 MillionSpecialty Stores
15CFE$ 3,942 MillionEngineering & Construction
16TELENET GROUP$ 3,151 MillionMajor Telecommunications
17ECONOCOM GROUP$ 3,131 MillionInformation Technology Services
18AZELIS GROUP NV$ 2,720 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
19ELIA GROUP$ 2,704 MillionElectric Utilities
20PICANOL$ 2,678 MillionIndustrial Machinery
21BQUE NAT. BELGIQUE$ 2,556 MillionRegional Banks
22ONTEX GROUP$ 2,553 MillionHousehold/Personal Care
23TESSENDERLO GROUP$ 2,126 MillionChemicals: Major Diversified
24AGFA-GEVAERT$ 2,091 MillionElectronics/Appliances
25TITAN CEMENT$ 1,966 MillionConstruction Materials
26ORANGE BELGIUM$ 1,609 MillionWireless Telecommunications
27EURONAV$ 1,321 MillionMarine Shipping
28CENERGY$ 1,111 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
29RECTICEL$ 1,014 MillionIndustrial Specialties
30BARCO$ 942 MillionElectronic Equipment/Instruments
31TER BEKE$ 878 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy
32LOTUS BAKERIES$ 812 MillionFood: Specialty/Candy
33DECEUNINCK$ 786 MillionBuilding Products
34FLUXYS BELGIUM$ 719 MillionOil & Gas Pipelines
35BALTA GROUP$ 687 MillionHome Furnishings
36FAGRON$ 680 MillionMedical Distributors
37MELEXIS$ 621 MillionSemiconductors
38FLORIDIENNE$ 458 MillionChemicals: Specialty
39RESILUX$ 457 MillionIndustrial Specialties
40IMMOBEL$ 446 MillionReal Estate Development
41ION BEAM APPLICATIONS$ 382 MillionMedical Specialties
42SHURGARD$ 332 MillionReal Estate Development
43SPADEL$ 326 MillionBeverages: Non-Alcoholic
44ROULARTA$ 314 MillionPublishing: Books/Magazines
45EXMAR ORD.$ 306 MillionMarine Shipping
46JENSEN-GROUP$ 300 MillionElectrical Products
47SIPEF$ 294 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling
48ROSIER$ 248 MillionChemicals: Agricultural
49MIKO$ 239 MillionMiscellaneous Manufacturing
50CIE BOIS SAUVAGE$ 235 MillionInvestment Managers
51KINEPOLIS GROUP$ 216 MillionMovies/Entertainment
52CAMPINE$ 204 MillionChemicals: Specialty
53VAN DE VELDE$ 186 MillionApparel/Footwear
54ATENOR$ 161 MillionReal Estate Development
55MOURY CONSTRUCT$ 157 MillionEngineering & Construction
56GIMV$ 148 MillionInvestment Managers
57EVS BROADC.EQUIPM.$ 108 MillionComputer Processing Hardware
58SOFINA$ 104 MillionInvestment Managers
59UNIFIEDPOST GROUP SA/NV$ 84 MillionInformation Technology Services
60CO.BR.HA (D)$ 81 MillionBeverages: Alcoholic
61SMARTPHOTO GROUP$ 75 MillionSpecialty Stores
62ABO GROUP ENVIRONMENT$ 60 MillionElectric Utilities
63BIOCARTIS$ 53 MillionMedical Specialties
64SCHEERD.V KERCHOVE$ 51 MillionConstruction Materials
65PAYTON PLANAR MAGNETICS$ 47 MillionElectrical Products
66ARGENX SE$ 45 MillionPharmaceuticals: Other
67VGP$ 38 MillionReal Estate Development
68TEXAF$ 29 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
69TINC COMM VA$ 28 MillionInvestment Managers
70HYBRID SOFTWARE GROUP PLC$ 28 MillionInformation Technology Services
71IEP INVEST$ 25 MillionIndustrial Machinery
72ACCENTIS$ 24 MillionReal Estate Development
73FOUNTAIN$ 22 MillionIndustrial Machinery
74CRESCENT$ 22 MillionComputer Communications
75MDXHEALTH$ 20 MillionBiotechnology
76KEYWARE TECHNOLOGIES$ 16 MillionPackaged Software
77QUESTFOR GR-PRICAF$ 13 MillionInvestment Managers
78MITHRA$ 11 MillionPharmaceuticals: Other
79NEUFCOUR-FIN.$ 7 MillionReal Estate Development
80INCLUSIO SA/NV$ 6 MillionReal Estate Development
81BANIMMO A$ 4 MillionFinancial Conglomerates
82OXURION$ 3 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
83SOFTIMAT$ 1 MillionReal Estate Development
84BONE THERAPEUTICS$ 1 MillionBiotechnology
85SEQUANA MEDICAL$ 1 MillionMedical Specialties
86ACACIA PHARMA$ 0 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
87HYLORIS$ 0 MillionPharmaceuticals: Major
88BELUGA$ 0 MillionInvestment Managers
89NYXOAH SA$ 0 MillionMedical Specialties
90KBC ANCORA ORD$ 0 MillionInvestment Managers
91CELYAD ONCOLOGY$ 0 MillionBiotechnology
List of Top Companies in Belgium

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