Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in USA List

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Here you can find the find the List of Top Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in USA based on the total Revenue (Sales) in the recent year.

Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in USA

So here is the list of Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in USA which are sorted out based on the Total Sales (Revenue) in Million $.

S.NOCompany NameTotal Revenue (FY)
1Intel Corporation$ 77,867 Million
2Micron Technology, Inc.$ 27,705 Million
3Broadcom Inc.$ 27,450 Million
4NVIDIA Corporation$ 16,675 Million
5Texas Instruments Incorporated$ 14,461 Million
6Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.$ 9,763 Million
7NXP Semiconductors N.V.$ 8,612 Million
8Analog Devices, Inc.$ 7,318 Million
9KLA Corporation$ 6,918 Million
10Microchip Technology Incorporated$ 5,438 Million
List of Top 10 Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in USA

List of Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in USA

so here is the complete list of Semiconductor manufacturing companies in USA united states with their sales, Number of Employees, ROE etc.

S.NOCompany NameTotal Revenue (FY)EmployeesReturn on Equity Debt to Equity RatioOperating Margin Stock Symbol
1Intel Corporation$ 77,867 Million11060025.60.429.0INTC
2Micron Technology, Inc.$ 27,705 Million4300017.20.228.9MU
3Broadcom Inc.$ 27,450 Million2000027.61.631.7AVGO
4NVIDIA Corporation$ 16,675 Million1897541.90.537.5NVDA
5Texas Instruments Incorporated$ 14,461 Million3000071.20.647.8TXN
6Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.$ 9,763 Million1260072.10.120.3AMD
7NXP Semiconductors N.V.$ 8,612 Million2900020.21.421.8NXPI
8Analog Devices, Inc.$ 7,318 Million247005.60.226.0ADI
9KLA Corporation$ 6,918 Million1130082.50.937.4KLAC
10Microchip Technology Incorporated$ 5,438 Million1950011.61.422.5MCHP
11ON Semiconductor Corporation$ 5,255 Million3100017.80.816.5ON
12Skyworks Solutions, Inc.$ 5,109 Million1100031.70.532.9SWKS
13Amkor Technology, Inc.$ 5,051 Million2905022.50.411.9AMKR
14GlobalFoundries Inc.$ 4,851 Million-16.60.4GFS
15Qorvo, Inc.$ 4,015 Million840024.20.428.2QRVO
16Xilinx, Inc.$ 3,148 Million489027.30.524.0XLNX
17Marvell Technology, Inc.$ 2,969 Million5340-3.40.3-6.6MRVL
18Fabrinet$ 1,879 Million1218914.90.07.9FN
19Entegris, Inc.$ 1,859 Million580025.90.623.2ENTG
20SMART Global Holdings, Inc.$ 1,501 Million39267.21.25.9SGH
21Coherent, Inc.$ 1,487 Million5085-
22Ultra Clean Holdings, Inc.$ 1,399 Million499614.90.88.9UCTT
23Cirrus Logic, Inc.$ 1,369 Million148117.40.117.6CRUS
24Tower Semiconductor Ltd.$ 1,356 Million8.60.210.0TSEM
25Synaptics Incorporated$ 1,340 Million146313.30.412.4SYNA
26Diodes Incorporated$ 1,229 Million893916.40.213.8DIOD
27IPG Photonics Corporation$ 1,201 Million606010.10.024.1IPGP
28CMC Materials, Inc.$ 1,200 Million2200-
29OSI Systems, Inc.$ 1,147 Million677814.20.611.2OSIS
30Ichor Holdings$ 914 Million203018.60.47.5ICHR
31Xperi Holding Corporation$ 892 Million185010.40.621.2XPER
32Himax Technologies, Inc.$ 889 Million205656.20.329.9HIMX
33Silicon Laboratories, Inc.$ 887 Million1838-
34Array Technologies, Inc.$ 873 Million389-
35Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.$ 844 Million220920.40.021.0MPWR
36Enphase Energy, Inc.$ 774 Million85031.21.619.2ENPH
37Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited$ 657 Million393920.30.411.4AOSL
38MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.$ 607 Million11009.81.213.3MTSI
39Semtech Corporation$ 595 Million139415.30.316.9SMTC
40Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.$ 591 Million387410.00.112.0ALGM
41Silicon Motion Technology Corporation$ 541 Million132321.60.023.9SIMO
42Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation$ 506 Million88020.00.09.7MX
43Power Integrations, Inc.$ 488 Million72517.90.023.3POWI
44MaxLinear, Inc$ 479 Million1420-
45Lattice Semiconductor Corporation$ 408 Million74621.70.518.4LSCC
46NeoPhotonics Corporation$ 371 Million1200-24.50.4-14.1NPTN
47Rambus, Inc.$ 243 Million6230.00.22.7RMBS
48Ambarella, Inc.$ 223 Million786-6.00.0-10.3AMBA
49nLIGHT, Inc.$ 223 Million1275-9.80.1-9.6LASR
50Shoals Technologies Group, Inc.$ 176 Million-22.720.1SHLS
51SPI Energy Co., Ltd.$ 139 Million49-35.11.6SPI
52SiTime Corporation$ 116 Million1876.70.08.0SITM
53CEVA, Inc.$ 100 Million404-
54Velodyne Lidar, Inc.$ 95 Million309-93.40.1-474.5VLDR
55Identiv, Inc.$ 87 Million3265.20.01.0INVE
56O2Micro International Limited$ 78 Million30315.70.012.9OIIM
57Renesola Ltd. American Depsitary Shares (Each representing 10 shares)$ 74 Million1474.20.111.0SOL
58Canaan Inc.$ 65 Million24843.20.019.2CAN
59Sequans Communications S.A.$ 51 Million36-3.1-37.3SQNS
List of Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in USA

So finally these are the List of Top Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in USA based on the total Revenue (Sales) in the recent year.

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Texas Instruments Incorporated is global semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, tests and sells analog and embedded processing chips. The company products help customers efficiently manage power, accurately sense and transmit data and provide the core control or processing in their designs.

ON Semiconductor Corporation is a leading semiconductor manufacturer with over 80,000 different parts and a global supply chain onsemi serves tens of thousands of customers across hundreds of markets.

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