List of Top 9 Companies in Austria 2022

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Here you can find the List of Top Companies in Austria which are sorted out based on the sales. Total Revenue from top 10 company in Austria is around $ 99.8 Billion.

The GDP of Austria is $ 461 Billion with per Capita Income of $ 50,301. Austria is consistently ranked in the top 20 richest countries in the world by GDP per capita terms.

List of Top Companies in Austria

So here is the List of Top Companies in Austria which are sorted out based on the Turnover.

1. OMV Group

OMV is largest companies in Austria by revenue. OMV produces and markets oil and gas, as well as chemical solutions in a responsible way and develops innovative solutions for a circular economy.

Largest business in Austria With Group sales revenues of EUR 17 bn and a workforce of around 26,000 employees in 2020 (incl. Borealis), OMV is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies.

In Upstream, OMV has a strong base in Central and Eastern Europe as well as a balanced international portfolio, with Russia, the North Sea, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa as further core regions.

  • Revenue: $ 26 Billion
  • Employees: 26,000

Daily average production was 463,000 boe/d in 2020. In Downstream, OMV operates three refineries in Europe and owns a 15% share in ADNOC Refining and Trading JV, with a total annual processing capacity of 24.9 mn tons. Furthermore, OMV operates about 2,100 filling stations in ten European countries and runs gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany. In 2020, total natural gas sales volumes amounted to around 164 TWh.

In the chemicals sector, OMV, through its subsidiary Borealis, is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and circular polyolefin solutions and a European market leader in base chemicals, fertilizers and the mechanical recycling of plastics. Borealis operates in over 120 countries.

  • Annual Processing Capacity: 24.9 mn tons

In 2020, Borealis generated EUR 6.8 billion in sales revenue. The company supplies services and products to customers around the globe through Borealis and two important joint ventures: Borouge (with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, or ADNOC, based in UAE); and Baystar™ (with Total, based in the US).

Sustainability is an integral part of OMV’s corporate strategy. OMV supports the transition to a lower-carbon economy and has set measurable targets for reducing carbon intensity.


The STRABAG Group’s international activities executed by its subsidiaries STRABAG International GmbH and ZÜBLIN International GmbH comprise. The Company is 2nd largest companies in Austria by revenue.

  • Revenue: $ 18 Billion

Both international units are part of the strong network of STRABAG Group covering the entire value chain in the construction industry. One of the largest business in Austria The company offer tailored solutions meeting clients’ individual requirements – professionalism is our top priority from technical execution to economic efficiency.

  • Transportation Infrastructures (roads, railways, airports and test tracks for the automobile industry),
  • Building Construction (turnkey construction, industrial facilities) and
  • Civil Engineering (bridges, dams, hydraulic asphalt engineering, tunnelling, pipe jacking and microtunnelling, cooling towers and harbour facilities).

This Austria company is 2nd the list of top company in Austria.

3. Voestalpine

Voestalpine is 3rd largest companies in Austria by revenue. In its business segments, voestalpine is a globally leading steel and technology group with a unique combination of materials and processing expertise.

voestalpine, which operates globally, has around 500 Group companies and locations in more than 50 countries on all five continents. It has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1995.

With its top-quality products and system solutions, it is a leading partner to the automotive and consumer goods industries as well as the aerospace and oil & gas industries, and is also the world market leader in railway systems, tool steel, and special sections.

  • Revenue: $ 15 Billion
  • Employees: 49,000
  • Presence: More than 50 countries

voestalpine is fully committed to the global climate goals and is working intensively to develop technologies which will allow it to decarbonize and reduce its CO2 emissions over the long term.

In the business year 2019/20, the Group generated revenue of EUR 12.7 billion, with an operating result (EBITDA) of EUR 1.2 billion; it had about 49,000 employees worldwide.

4. Vienna Insurance Group

Vienna Insurance Group is the leading insurance group in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe. Over 25,000 employees work for the Vienna Insurance Group, at around 50 companies in 30 countries.

The Vienna Insurance Group is an international insurance group headquartered in the Austrian capital. Following the opening up of Eastern Europe in 1989, the insurance group has developed from a “first mover” to a market leader in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Revenue: $ 12 Billion
  • Employees: Over 25,000
  • Presence: 30 Countries

The Company develop insurance solutions in line with personal and local needs, which has made us one of the leaders in the insurance industry in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

5. Erste Group Bank

Erste Group Bank AG was founded in 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank. Around 46,000 employees are serving 16,1 million clients in more than 2,200 branches in 7 countries.

Erste Group Bank is 5th in the list of companies in Austria. Erste Group is one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Revenue: $ 11 Billion
  • Employees: 46,000
  • Founded: 1819

Erste Group went public in 1997 with a strategy to expand its retail business into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Since then, Erste Group has grown through numerous acquisitions and organic growth to one of the largest financial services providers in the Eastern part of EU in terms of clients and total assets.

6. UNIQA Group

The UNIQA Group is one of the leading insurance groups in its core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). UNIQA Group is 6th in the list of Top companies in Austria by Revenue.

The group approximately has 40 companies in 18 countries and serve about 15.5 million customers. The company is one among the list of Top Austria company based on the turnover.

  • Revenue: $ 6 Billion
  • Employees: 21,300
  • Customers: 15.5

With UNIQA and Raiffeisen Versicherung, has the two strongest insurance brands in Austria and are well positioned in the CEE Markets. 21,300 UNIQA employees and employees of the general agencies working exclusively for UNIQA, approximately 6,000 of whom work in Austria.

7. Raiffeisen Bank International

Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) regards Austria, where it is a leading corporate and investment bank, as well as Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as its home market. 13 markets of the region are covered by subsidiary banks.

Additionally, the group comprises numerous other financial service providers, for instance in the fields of leasing, asset management, as well as M&A. Raiffeisen bank is 7th is the list of Top companies in Austria by Revenue.

  • Revenue: $ 5 Billion
  • Employees: 46,000

Around 46,000 employees service 16.7 million customers through around 2,000 business outlets, the by far largest part thereof in CEE. RBI’s shares have been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 2005.

RBI is Austria’s second-largest bank with a balance sheet total of € 164 billion (as per 30 June 2020). The Austrian Regional Raiffeisen Banks hold approximately 58.8 per cent of the shares, the remainder of around 41.2 per cent is free-float.

8. Verbund

VERBUND was founded in 1947 as the “Österreichische Elektrizitätswirtschafts-AG” on the basis of the 2nd Nationalisation Act, electricity too was a scarce commodity in Austria.

  • Revenue: $ 4 Billion
  • Founded: 1947

VERBUND has been closely linked to the Austrian State for decades. Verbund is 8th in the list of Top companies in Austria by Revenue.

If the company first served as a powerful “electric motor” during the reconstruction phase of the country following the Second World War, it has since developed into a company of European dimensions following Austria’s accession to the EU in 1995.

9. BAWAG Group

BAWAG Group AG is a publicly listed holding company headquartered in Vienna, Austria, serving 2.3 million retail, small business, corporate and public sector customers across Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and other developed markets.

The Group operates under various brands and across multiple channels offering comprehensive savings, payment, lending, leasing, investment, building society, factoring and insurance products and services.

  • Revenue: $ 2 Billion
  • Headquartered: Vienna

Delivering simple, transparent, and reliable financial products and services that address customers’ needs is strategy across the Group. Among the list of top company in Austria.

Top Company in Austria by Revenue

so here is the list of Top companies in Austria by Revenue which are sorted out in Descending.

1OMV Group$26,300
4Vienna Insurance Group$11,600
5Erste Group Bank$11,200
7Raiffeisen Bank International$5,300
9Bawag Group$1,800
List of Top Companies in Austria

So these are the list of Top business in Austria.

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