List of Top 19 Companies in Estonia

Last updated on September 8th, 2022 at 12:55 pm

Here you can find the list of Top Companies in Estonia which are sorted out based on the total sales (Revenue).

List of Top Companies in Estonia

So Here is the list of Top Companies in Estonia based on the total sales.

S.NOCompanies in EstoniaTotal SalesSectorEBITDA IncomeDebt to EquityIndustryPrice to BookReturn on Equity Operating MarginMarket CapitalizationEmployeesStock Symbol
1TALLINNA KAUBAMAJA GRUPP€ 742 MillionRetail Trade€ 73 Million1.3Food Retail2.113.2%4.3%€ 468 MillionTKM1T
2TALLINK GRUPP€ 443 MillionTransportation€ 7 Million1.2Marine Shipping0.6-11.1%-23.1%€ 465 Million4200TAL1T
3MERKO EHITUS€ 316 MillionIndustrial Services€ 30 Million0.3Engineering & Construction1.817.1%8.1%€ 283 Million666MRK1T
4NORDECON€ 296 MillionIndustrial Services€ 3 Million0.7Engineering & Construction1.11.9%-0.1%€ 38 Million708NCN1T
5HARJU ELEKTER€ 147 MillionProducer Manufacturing€ 7 Million0.3Electrical Products1.83.8%2.3%€ 133 Million784HAE1T
6LHV GROUP€ 135 MillionFinance€ 90 Million2.4Financial Conglomerates5.523.4%44.9%€ 1,314 Million518LHV1T
7ENEFIT GREEN€ 114 MillionUtilities0.4Alternative Power Generation2.214.0%€ 1,121 MillionEGR1T
8TALLINNA SADAM€ 107 MillionTransportation€ 53 Million0.5Other Transportation1.36.7%26.9%€ 501 Million481TSM1T
9EKSPRESS GRUPP€ 63 MillionConsumer Services0.3Publishing: Books/Magazines1.0€ 54 MillionEEG1T
10PRFOODS€ 59 MillionConsumer Non-Durables1.7Food: Major Diversified0.9-28.1%€ 14 Million262PRF1T
11TALLINNA VESI€ 52 MillionUtilities€ 24 Million0.8Water Utilities2.516.7%34.7%€ 285 Million333TVE1T
12SILVANO FASHION GROUP€ 38 MillionConsumer Non-Durables€ 18 Million0.2Apparel/Footwear3.036.8%31.2%€ 72 MillionSFG1T
13BALTIKA€ 20 MillionConsumer Non-Durables€ 1 Million12.0Apparel/Footwear5.4-406.3%-26.5%€ 15 Million277BLT1T
14PRO KAPITAL GRUPP€ 20 MillionFinance€ 4 Million1.8Real Estate Development6.2-36.4%12.7%€ 80 Million84PKG1T
15ARCO VARA€ 14 MillionFinance€ 4 Million0.7Real Estate Development1.725.6%17.0%€ 28 Million11ARC1T
16NORDIC FIBREBOARD€ 10 MillionConsumer Durables€ 1 Million0.8Home Furnishings3.793.0%10.0%€ 10 Million97SKN1T
17LINDA NEKTAR€ 3 MillionDistribution Services€ 1 Million0.0Food Distributors3.53.1%5.2%€ 13 MillionLINDA
18ELMO RENT€ 1 MillionTechnology Services1.9Internet Software/Services6.4%€ 12 MillionELMO
19TRIGON PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT€ 0 MillionConsumer Durables€ 0 Million0.0Home Furnishings1.529.3%€ 4 MillionTPD1T
List of Companies in Estonia (Top Company)

Tallinna Kaubamaja – Largest company in Estonia

Tallinna Kaubamaja Group is the largest company in Estonia. Tallinna Kaubamaja Group’s business includes the following segments: Supermarkets, Car trade, Department stores, Trade in beauty products (financial reporting together with the Department Store segment), Security services (financial reporting together with the Department Store segment), Footwear trade (financial reporting together with the Department Store segment) and Real estate.

Tallink Grupp

Tallink Grupp is  the leading provider of high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region, as well as the leading provider of ro-ro cargo services on selected routes.

The company fleet of 15 vessels allows the company to offer a wide range of services and frequent departures. As a result of recent investment and fleet renewal program, the company currently deploy some of the most advanced cruise ferries on the Baltic Sea with state-of-the-art facilities, improved accommodation possibilities, larger onboard shopping areas and high quality onboard services, setting a new benchmark for travel standards on the Baltic Sea. 

The company’s vision is to be the market pioneer in Europe by offering excellence in leisure and business travel and sea transportation services.

Merko Ehitus Eesti

The company began with just a few construction teams in 1990 has become a powerful construction and real estate group – Merko Ehitus – now listed on NASDAQ Tallinn and offering services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway.

Merko Ehitus Eesti companies employ nearly three hundred and fifty people, who strive every day to make each new building better than the last. The Merko team will find the answers to all your questions.

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