27 Biggest Lithuanian companies List (Company in Lithuania)

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Here you can find the List of Biggest Lithuanian companies (Company in Lithuania) which are sorted out based on the Total Revenue. IGNITIS GRUPE is the largest company in Lithuania with a revenue of $ 1,215 Million in the recent year followed by LINAS AGRO GROUP and TELIA LIETUVA.

List of Biggest Lithuanian companies

So here is List of Biggest Company in Lithuania which are sorted out based on the total Sales (Revenue) in the last year.

S.NOLithuanian CompanySalesIndustryEmployeesSectorDebt to EquityReturn on EquityStock Symbol
1IGNITIS GRUPE$ 1,215 MillionAlternative Power Generation3836Utilities0.79.7%IGN1L
2LINAS AGRO GROUP$ 942 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling2102Process Industries1.510.6%LNA1L
3TELIA LIETUVA$ 398 MillionMajor Telecommunications2161Communications0.718.5%TEL1L
4ROKISKIO SURIS$ 211 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/DairyConsumer Non-Durables0.20.7%RSU1L
5LITGRID$ 206 MillionElectric Utilities308Utilities0.313.6%LGD1L
6ZEMAITIJOS PIENAS$ 182 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy1418Consumer Non-Durables0.18.4%ZMP1L
7PIENO ZVAIGZDES$ 171 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/DairyConsumer Non-Durables0.912.7%PZV1L
8APRANGA$ 170 MillionApparel/Footwear Retail1956Retail Trade0.811.0%APG1L
9SIAULIU BANKAS$ 130 MillionRegional Banks756Finance1.814.3%SAB1L
10GRIGEO$ 130 MillionPulp & Paper859Process Industries0.118.2%GRG1L
11VILKYSKIU PIENINE$ 121 MillionFood: Meat/Fish/Dairy830Consumer Non-Durables0.713.0%VLP1L
12VILNIAUS BALDAI$ 99 MillionHome Furnishings923Consumer Durables2.0-13.8%VBL1L
13AUGA GROUP$ 83 MillionAgricultural Commodities/Milling1236Process Industries1.02.5%AUG1L
14KLAIPEDOS NAFTA$ 80 MillionOilfield Services/Equipment411Industrial Services2.6-25.5%KNF1L
15PANEVEZIO STATYBOS TRESTAS$ 75 MillionEngineering & Construction879Industrial Services0.522.2%PTR1L
16AMBER GRID$ 52 MillionGas DistributorsUtilities0.812.2%AMG1L
17KAUNO ENERGIJA$ 42 MillionElectric Utilities365Utilities0.46.1%KNR1L
18NOVATURAS$ 33 MillionOther Consumer Services119Consumer Services0.6-1.3%NTU1L
19EAST WEST AGRO$ 29 MillionWholesale DistributorsDistribution Services0.436.1%EWA1L
20SNAIGE$ 29 MillionElectronics/Appliances528Consumer Durables2.0-12.4%SNG1L
21UTENOS TRIKOTAZAS$ 28 MillionApparel/Footwear1081Consumer Non-Durables0.6-19.0%UTR1L
22INVALDA INVL$ 20 MillionInvestment Trusts/Mutual Funds537Miscellaneous0.026.5%IVL1L
23LINAS$ 14 MillionTextilesProcess Industries0.114.7%LNS1L
24INVL BALTIC REAL ESTATE$ 4 MillionReal Estate Development9Finance0.414.9%INR1L
25NEO FINANCE$ 2 MillionFinance/Rental/LeasingFinance3.6%NEOFI
26INVL BALTIC FARMLAND$ 1 MillionReal Estate Development2Finance0.06.9%INL1L
27INVL TECHNOLOGY$ 0 MillionPackaged SoftwareTechnology Services0.018.1%INC1L
Biggest Lithuanian companies List (Company in Lithuania)

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Ignitis Group – largest Company in Lithuania

Ignitis Group is one of the largest energy and renewable energy companies in the Baltic region . The company’s companies operate in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Finland. The innovation fund managed by the group has invested in 17 companies in seven countries around the world developing new technologies in energy and electrified mobility.

The main activities of the group companies are the production and supply of electricity and heat, the trade and distribution of electricity and natural gas, as well as the implementation of innovative energy solutions. The group companies supply electricity and natural gas to about 1.6 million. business and private customers.

Ignitis Group pays great attention to the development of green energy and aims to become the main center of competence for new energy in the region and a leader in distributed energy solutions both in the Baltic Sea and in other regions .

Currently, Ignitis Group companies in Lithuania own four operating wind farms with a total capacity of 58 MW, and another 18 MW operating in Estonia. 2021 In the spring of 2006, the Group also generated the first electricity at a 94 MW wind farm in Pomerania, Poland. In Mažeikiai district, the construction of the wind farm has already started, and in 2022. At the end of 2007, green electricity will be generated by 14 wind farms with a total installed capacity of about 63 MW.

The group owns the Elektrėnai complex with an electricity generation capacity of 1,055 MW. It also operates the region’s unique Kruonis Hydro Accumulation Power Plant with a capacity of 900 MW and the Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas Hydroelectric Power Plant with a capacity of 100.8 MW . The group also owns modern cogeneration power plants in Vilnius and Kaunas , which convert unsuitable waste into energy. 

List of Biggest Lithuanian companies List (Company in Lithuania)

The thermal capacity of the Vilnius cogeneration power plant is 229 MW, and the electric capacity is 92 MW. The capacity of Kaunas cogeneration power plant reaches 70 MW and 24 MW, respectively. Ignitis Group is also investing in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – it has distributed 600 million. euro worth of green bonds . The funds received from them were used to implement various projects in Lithuania, which are expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 700 thousand annually. tons 


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