List of Top 12 Oil and Gas Companies in South America

Last updated on September 18th, 2022 at 03:55 pm

So here is the List of Oil and Gas Companies in South America which are sorted out based on the total sales (Revenue) in the recent Year.

List of Oil and Gas Companies in South America.

So Here is the list of Oil and Gas Companies in south America based on the total Revenue in the recent year.

S.NOCompany South AmericaTotal Revenue CountryIndustry (Sector)Return on EquityOperating MarginStock SymbolDebt to Equity
1PETROBRAS ON $ 52,379 MillionBrazilIntegrated Oil43.8%39%PETR30.9
2EMPRESAS COPEC SA$ 20,121 MillionChileOil Refining/Marketing12.6%9%COPEC0.8
3ULTRAPAR ON NM$ 15,641 MillionBrazilOil Refining/Marketing9.3%1%UGPA31.8
4ECOPETROL S.A.$ 14,953 MillionColombiaIntegrated Oil19.4%28%ECOPETROL1.0
5EMPRESAS GASCO SA$ 475 MillionChileOil & Gas Production38.1%8%GASCO0.6
6NATURGY BAN SA$ 394 MillionArgentinaOil & Gas PipelinesGBAN0.0
7PETRORIO ON NM$ 367 MillionBrazilIntegrated Oil28.6%58%PRIO30.7
8PET MANGUINHON$ 288 MillionBrazilOil Refining/Marketing-17%RPMG30.0
9ENAUTA PART ON NM$ 182 MillionBrazilOil & Gas Production24.7%21%ENAT30.3
10PETRORECSA ON NM$ 152 MillionBrazilIntegrated OilRECV30.4
11DOMMO ON$ 64 MillionBrazilOil & Gas Production39%DMMO30.0
123R PETROLEUMON NM$ 39 MillionBrazilOil & Gas Production-19.8%36%RRRP30.4
List of Oil and Gas Companies in South America

So finally these are the list of Top Oil and Gas Companies in south America based on the total Revenue in the recent year.

1. Petrobras

Petrobras is a Brazilian company with over 40,000 employees committed to generate more value for shareholders and the society, with a focus on oil and gas, with safety and respect for people and the environment.

  • Revenue: $ 52 Billion
  • Country: Brazil

The Company is one of the largest producers of oil and gas in the world, primarily engaged in exploration and production, refining, energy generation and trading. The Company is a large proven reserve base and have acquired expertise in deep and ultra-Deepwater exploration and production as a result of almost 50 years spent developing the Brazilian offshore basins, becoming world leaders in this segment.

2. Empresas Copec

 Empresas Copec is a world-class company, seeking to deliver an attractive level of profitability in the long term to investors, and contribute to the development of Chile and the different countries.

To that end, we invest primarily in energy and natural resources and, in general, in business areas where we can create value in a sustainable way. When conducting our activities, the company strive to be a good citizen and address and respect the interests of shareholders, employees, partners, suppliers, customers, communities and all parties with whom the company, in one way or another, involved.

Ecopetrol SA

Ecopetrol SA is a Company organized under the form of a national corporation, linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy. It is a mixed economy company, of an integrated commercial nature in the oil and gas sector, which participates in all the links of the hydrocarbon chain: exploration, production, transportation, refining and marketing. It has operations located in the center, south, east and north of Colombia, as well as abroad. It has two refineries in Barrancabermeja and Cartagena. 

Through its subsidiary Cenit, specialized in hydrocarbon transport and logistics, it owns three ports for the export and import of fuel and crude oil in Coveñas (Sucre) and Cartagena (Bolívar) with access to the Atlantic, and Tumaco (Nariño) in the Peaceful. Cenit also owns most of the country’s oil pipelines and polyducts that interconnect production systems with large consumption centers and maritime terminals. Ecopetrol also has a stake in the biofuels business and is present in Brazil, Mexico and the United States (Gulf of Mexico and Permian Texas).

Ecopetrol’s shareholding in other companies in the sector is presented in the Ecopetrol Group Special Report found later in this Report. Ecopetrol’s shares are listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange represented in ADR (American Depositary Receipt). The Republic of Colombia is the majority shareholder with a participation of 88.49%.

list of oil and gas companies in south America which are sorted out based on the total sales Revenue in the recent year Petrobras Empresas Copec.


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