52 Biggest Tech Company in South Korea

Last updated on September 7th, 2022 at 07:37 pm

Here you can find the List of Biggest Tech Company in South Korea ( Largest technology Companies in South Korea).

The list of biggest Technology Company in South Korea is from

  • Electronic Technology
  • Technology Services
  • Health Technology.

SK is the Largest Technology Services company in South Korea with a Revenue of $ 75 Billion followed by SAMSUNG SDS. In Electronic Technology Samsung Electronic is the largest in the List followed by SK HYNIX, LG DISPLAY and DOOSAN.

In Health Technology SK DISCOVERY is the leading company in South Korea with a Revenue of $ 4 Billion followed by CELLTRION and GCH CORP.

List of Biggest Tech company in South Korea

So these are the List of Biggest Tech company in South Korea which are sorted out based on the Total sales (Revenue) in the last year.

S.NOKorean CompanyTotal Revenue SectorDebt to Equity Return on Equity
1SAMSUNG ELEC$ 218 BillionElectronic Technology0.0613%
2SK$ 75 BillionTechnology Services1.022%
3SK HYNIX$ 29 BillionElectronic Technology0.2715%
4LG DISPLAY$ 22 BillionElectronic Technology0.9313%
5DOOSAN$ 16 BillionElectronic Technology1.30-11%
6SAMSUNG SDI CO.,LTD.$ 10 BillionElectronic Technology0.288%
7SAMSUNG SDS$ 10 BillionTechnology Services0.0610%
8LG INNOTEK$ 9 BillionElectronic Technology0.6231%
9SAMSUNG ELEC MECH$ 8 BillionElectronic Technology0.2117%
10HANWHA AEROSPACE$ 5 BillionElectronic Technology0.7410%
11NAVER$ 5 BillionTechnology Services0.1510%
12DAOU TECH$ 4 BillionTechnology Services3.0020%
13SK DISCOVERY$ 4 BillionHealth Technology0.929%
14KAKAO$ 4 BillionTechnology Services0.2215%
15YOUNGPOONG$ 3 BillionElectronic Technology0.083%
16IMARKETKOREA$ 3 BillionTechnology Services0.148%
17KOREA AEROSPACE$ 3 BillionElectronic Technology0.921%
18NETMARBLE$ 2 BillionTechnology Services0.134%
19ITCEN$ 2 BillionElectronic Technology0.566%
20CELLTRION$ 2 BillionHealth Technology0.1916%
21GCH CORP$ 2 BillionHealth Technology0.615%
22SD BIOSENSOR$ 2 BillionElectronic Technology0.01 
23NHN$ 2 BillionTechnology Services0.052%
24KRAFTON$ 2 BillionTechnology Services0.04 
25HANWHA SYSTEMS$ 2 BillionElectronic Technology0.077%
26CELLTRION HEALTHCARE$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.159%
27WOOREE BIO$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.6218%
28YUHAN$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.075%
29LIG NEX1$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology1.1614%
30HYUNDAIAUTOEVER$ 1 BillionTechnology Services0.147%
31SFA$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.1210%
32GC CORP$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.468%
33DAEWOONG$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.4016%
34MCNEX$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.347%
35CHONGKUNDANG$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.429%
36KWANGDONG PHARM$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.252%
37SAMT$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.6820%
38SIMMTECH HOLDINGS$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.2914%
39SIMMTECH$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.3624%
40HANSOL TECHNICS$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.791%
41TOP ENG$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.300%
42PARTRON$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.2316%
43SAMSUNG BIOLOGICS$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.249%
44LX SEMICON$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.0139%
45SSC$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.337%
46MOBASE$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.78-2%
47SEEGENE$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.1281%
48WONIK IPS$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.0016%
49DWS$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.7811%
50HANMIPHARM$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.8210%
51DAEWOONG PHARMA$ 1 BillionHealth Technology0.662%
52DREAMTECH$ 1 BillionElectronic Technology0.4023%
List of Biggest Technology company in South Korea

So finally these are the List of Biggest Technology company in South Korea based on the total revenue (sales) in the recent year.

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