Top 5 Best Website Translate Plugin Addon

List of Top 5 Best Website Translate Plugin Addon based on the number of active users.

List of Top 5 Best Website Translate Plugin Addon

So here is the list of Top 5 Best Website Translate Plugin Addon which are based on the number of active users in the past year

1. WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)

WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs. With WPML you can translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts. Every theme or plugin that uses WordPress API runs multilingual with WPML.

The company provide full support for WPML, helping you deliver perfect websites on time. Automatically translate your entire site and achieve 90% accuracy with Google, DeepL, Microsoft. Then, review and edit only what you need.

  • Total Visits:560.8K
  • Country: United States
  • over a million User

WPML work with other authors, to make sure that WPML works great with themes and plugins. To ensure ongoing compatibility, WPML run automated tests with many themes and plugins. Connect WPML with an integrated professional translation service or assign jobs to your own translators. 

Choose what to translate, who will translate it, and the target languages from one dashboard and Stay consistent by telling WPML exactly how you want terms to appear in your site’s translations. 

With over a million sites using WPML You have full control over how URLs look and You can set SEO meta information for translations, Translations are linked together. Sitemaps include the correct pages and pass Google Webmasters validation. With WPML, search engines understand your site’s structure and drive the right traffic to the right languages.

2. Weglot

Weglot help you to fully translated website, the simple way Everything you need to translate, display and manage your multilingual website, with full editing control. Automatic content detection scans and detects the text, images, and SEO metadata of your site, replacing the process of manually gathering website content for translation.

  • Total Visits: 442.7K
  • Country: France

Just sit back and let Weglot continuously detect and translate any new content or page as you go.

Connect Weglot with any website technology for a fully translated and displayed website in minutes. Without development efforts, our simple integration can be handled by anyone in your team.

3. TranslatePress

TranslatePress is a product of SC Reflection Media SRL. Translate Press is WordPress translation plugin that anyone can use. The plugin is A better way of translating your WordPress site directly from the front-end, with full support for WooCommerce, complex themes and site builders. A WordPress translation plugin that’s easy to use for a change.

  • Total Visits: 223.2K
  • WordPress: 200,000+ Active Installations

4. GTranslate

GTranslate can translate any HTML website and make it multilingual. It will help you to increase international traffic, reach a global audience and explore new markets.

  • Total Visits: 109.9K
  • 10,000,000+ DOWNLOADS
  • 500,000+ ACTIVE WEBSITES
  • WordPress: 400,000+ Active Installations

GTranslate allow Search engines to index your translated pages. People will be able to find a product you sell by searching in their native language.

You will have your website translated instantly upon installation. Google and Bing provide automatic translations for free. You will be able to edit the translations manually with our inline editor directly from the context.

5. Polylang

With Polylang, you can not only translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags, but you can also translate custom post types, custom taxonomies, widgets, navigation menus as well as URLs. Polylang doesn’t use any extra tables and doesn’t rely on shortcodes which are long to evaluate. It only uses WordPress’ built-in core features (taxonomies). And thus doesn’t require a lot of memory or harm the performance of your website. Moreover it is compatible with most cache plugins.

Create your languages, add a language switcher and you can start translating! Polylang perfectly integrates in the WordPress admin interface not to change your habits. It also integrates content duplication accross languages for an efficient workflow.

  • Total Visits: 76.9K
  • WordPress: 700,000+ Active Installations

Polylang is compatible with major SEO plugins and automatically takes care of multilingual SEO such as html hreflang tags and opengraph tags. Moreover it offers the possibility to use, at your option, one directory, one subdomain or one domain per language.

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